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Anyone migrated from EMC EmailXtender to Symantec Enterprise Vault?

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I have been running EMC EmailXtender since 2003 and the system is on its last legs and needs to be replaced, migrated, outsourced, etc...  It has been a mediocre product over the so t it is time to do something new.
I have 72 million email messages and about 3TB of data going back 8 years.
I am doing the cost analysis for migrating to EMC's Source One, replacing with Enterprise Vault and outsourcing to one of the many providers.
Outsourcing is very appealing but cost to move 72 million emails to a 3rd party is not cheap.
I assume there are some people on this forum who have moved from EmailXtender to Enterprise Vault.  How has that gone and if you knew before the migration that you know now what would you change?

Also how aggressive were Symantec with pricing when it came to displacing an EMC customer?  Did this matter?

How did you find Symantec’s support for EV compared  to EMC?

Any other thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated.  I am happy to share my experience as I get stuck into this project over the coming weeks.

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Coming at this slightly differently, I represent a company that is solely focussed on producing archive migration software for use in situations such as yours.  Our partners use the tool to deliver end-user projects and have used it in many migration scenarios from EX to EV (and other archives) both for Exchange and Notes and for converting from one to the other.

If you'd like to contact us directly through we could put you in touch with partners that could provide all the answers you are looking for.  Hope that is helpful.

Barney Haye

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The company I represent, Globanet, is an Enterprise Vault focused partner, and we have assisted many customers in migrating their archived email from EmailXtender to Enterprise Vault.  We can offer you a services based solution to assist you in displacing EMC, or direct access to our own software tool to migrate the data on your own.  You can find out more about our tool, GEM,  at .

To address your specific questions,  things to be aware of during a migration from EMC to Symantec Enterprise Vault are how you will handle shortcuts in the end-user mailboxes, whether or not you will be required to maintain some chain of custody reports for compliance purposes, and how you will handle archived data associated with terminated employees.

I have worked with Symantec support over numerous occassions, and my experiences with them have been positive.  My experience with EMC support has been more limited, but I prefer the Symantec support organization.

If you have any questions about the EV product in general, or any Globanet tools or services, I would be happy to help.

Jackie Ervin

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Overview Big Picture.

Having worked with both products, EmailXtender extensibly, I would review the EmailXtender Admin console to see how the email that are stored there is broken down. Almost always, the further you go back in time the fewer emails you have. You'll see that by month-year. With that information I would push back the short-cuts from EX and then migrate the same to EV and review and test the results in EV.
So lets say that January 2000 has 300 emails. That is what I would restore in the shortcuts. I would test this month; if all is good I would increase the restore range to three months etc etc balancing the number of emails with the time frame.
If you have any other concerns or need more details, feel free to contact me.

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I am in the same boat as you. We were going to upgrade/migrate from EmailXtender to SourceOne, but after getting their cost estimate, we are taking a step back to see what options we have.

Have you had any luck getting your questions answered? I am just starting this journey!

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Have you considered federating your indexes?  There may be a way for you to move to Symantec Enterprise Vault and leave your EmailXtender indexes in place.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in discussing.

All the Best,


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