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Resolved! Scheduled PST migration with automatic mailbox association

Hi there, we got a big bunch of PST files to migrate, but we are searching for the weapon of choice (of the inbuilt tools). I already found this very good overview from Rob.Wilcox

woelki by Level 4
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Remove Another Users Mailbox from Archive Explorer

I have several mailboxes in my Archive Explorer that dont belong to me. These mailboxes, at one point in time I did have full access to but the access is now removed. How can I get these mailboxes out of my Archives explorer? Windows 7 EV10. 

ADFS with EV SHA and DA client

Hi, I want to setup ADFS between two domain Active Directory domain. Client A enviroment:  Exchange server (SMTP Journal Archive), AD (user object and exchange object), Sharepoint farms, DA clients Client B enviroment (hosting EV services): Diff...

Resolved! How does EV know not to target aready-archived items

Hi Guys, We are migrating from an older EV environment to a newer one using a third-party migration tool which will change the shortcuts as it moves the archived items. The following question came up: - How does EV know that an item is already arch...

Fremont by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! How Remove the Place holder or X-Mark from the files.

Hello, I  am facing an issue to restore all files from FSAUtility, I am using the following command to restore in the same location. C:\program files (x86)\enterprise vault>fsautility -b -s "\\pbad-emdesign\EM_Design\SHAMIYAH" -recurse  or C:\pro...

mrauf by Level 4
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Resolved! Automate export to PST EV 10.5 - Command Line

I have a business requirement to export terminated employee mail data from Enterprise Vault PST. This is not going to change, it's an absolute requirement. We have all other offboarding tasks automated, running from a single script (Homedrive, AD, li...

btrowdy by Level 3
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Resolved! EV Archived Data Move to O365

Hello,      We are in plans to migrate to O365, we have around 18TB of Archive Data..   Currently on Exchange 2007 Sp3 with latest update. We archive everything more than 30days old.   What will be best way to do it... what things we need to co...

Resolved! SetEVExchangePermissions for Single Server

I'm trying to assign EV Exchange Permission on Single server with below format for Pilot. Please help me whether it will assign permission only on that server or it will assign permission on all the exchange servers in my environment. SetEVExchange...

synchronize button missing

Hello, Can some one help me with issue.   I have an user, where she can not find a synchronize button on her outlook, no Virtual vault too. This is the issue with only single user. Troubleshooting steps we performed: -> Tried to reset EV clinet...

Resolved! FSAUTILITY restore all files and replace placeholders

Hello, I  am facing issue to restore all files to another location/shared path of archived file server, I am using the following command to restore on differnet path.   fsautility -t -s "\\FileServer1\Linking"  -l 0   Error: The path \\FileServe...

mrauf by Level 4
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Resolved! Fsautility issue - Enterprise Vault

i was trying to retore the bulk of data within the same file server through evault fsautility option but its giving an error invaild volume. i am entering the below command, please find the below command. C:\program files (x86)\enterprise vault>fsa...

mrauf by Level 4
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Resolved! migrating storage to HCP

Hello all, Theoretical question. I have 3 EV servers, each having 1 user vault store, with many partitions. If we move to an HCP, and I move the data to there, can I remove the storage attached to the EV-servers? I assume that moving the data mean...

GertjanA by Moderator
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PST Migration of contacts and calendar.

Hi Folks   Just looking for a quick answer on PST Migration of contacts and calendar. Im doing server driven pst migrations where each user has a mailbox folder called "enterprise vault" In my pst migration policy ive selected all the message clas...

xgtdec by Level 4
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Resolved! EV Search and OWA

Hello, I'm new to EV and I have a fresh installation ov EVault 11. We have decided to use EV Search only (without shortcuts) and it works great on the desktops as archived messages are downloaded in MSG format and opened by Outlook. I just have ins...

yxm by Level 4
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smtp archiving in ev 11.0.1 not working

Hi All, I have a labsetup with EV 11.0.1 and exchange 2010 setup. SMTP archiving is configured as per the document, however the mails are notbeing sent to EV smtp server's Holding folder. re configured the send connector in EXchange server with both...

jaiclan by Level 2
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Reporting on items within users archives

We are looking into finally configuring expiry.  Is there a report I can run against users of a specific retention category that I can see what would be eligible for expiry based on values entered into retention category.  I owuld be interested in se...

pjglick by Level 4
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