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Archive task completed but it did not archived anything in actual

Level 3

I have EV11.0.1 installed on Win2K12 server and I am doing file server archive to the NAS storage.

I have configured everything and running the archive task which giving following result -

Completed processing task: File System Archiving Task with 0 (0.00 MB) items matched. 

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

I have following rule configured -




Level 6

What does the report show from the run of the task?

Working for

Level 3

Hi Rob,

It worked now. I had the Vaultstore in "Ready" state.

Changed state from Ready to Open and Archive task completed successfully.

But could you please let me know what are the use cases with each state - open, ready, closed?




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Open = you can write to it

Ready = when open is full (configure that on the roll-over tab of the now open partition!) this will be 'open'.

closed = no new data added. When open partition is full, it rolls over to the ready partition, then the open partition is closed.

If you have multiple partitions, you canhave only 1 open partition (in 1 store), multiple ready and closed ones.

You can set roll-over order on properties of vault store. advise is to hae approximately 5 to 10% free space to close. (i.e. on roll over, set 'roll-over based on volume', select either %free, or define a free GB size.


Regards. Gertjan

Level 3

Thanks a lot. Got the clear idea now.

But will come with more questions as I progress in EV :)