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Resolved! Export Archive File Created

Hello!   Recently we migrated from EV9 to EV11.  This went pretty smooth.  We had a handful of mailboxes not have their shortcuts updated to point to the new servers.  We have been following a process that, exported the archive to PST, deleted shor...

PowerGuy by Not applicable
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Resolved! ev11 no available slots in the work items queue

Hi all, I have an issue where indexing seems to be running behind more and more. When dtracing EVIndexVerifyTask adn EVIndexVolumesProcessor, I see almost only the following entry: {IndexVolumesManager} There are currently no available slots in th...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! TEMP Folder Security Test

Hi, On my EV 10.4 CHF3 server I'm running SymHelp before upgrading to EV11.0.1 and keep getting an error for "TEMP Folder Security Test" in the Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 requirements. The full text is: Error TEMP Folder Security Test Error TEM...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Windows Datacenter Edition for EV

I am using Ev10.3.  I am importing a heap of PSTs using EVPM.  I currently have Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise in a VM, with 8 CPUs.  I want to increase this to 16 to get more concurrent migrations going.  To do this I need to change to Windows Datacente...

Sortid by Level 6
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Resolved! How does EV know not to target aready-archived items

Hi Guys, We are migrating from an older EV environment to a newer one using a third-party migration tool which will change the shortcuts as it moves the archived items. The following question came up: - How does EV know that an item is already arch...

Fremont by Level 5
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Question about Provisioning/Archiving

Hello Team, I have a user account added to 2 different provisioning group. Now when I check the archiving report, do not see any information of the user. The Archiving has been not working. Please let me know if a user is added to 2 provisioning gro...

Resolved! EV Licensing getting expired

Hi Team,   I request for the help here. We are using EV 10.0.4 for Exchange. Our EV licensing getting expired in 1 week. I went through different Technote and see a reference for replacing the new license files. Here is my question. What would be t...

Resolved! Archiving during Resource Forest Exchange Migration

Dear EV specialist, I need your advise.  I am a long KVS administrator for many years but have not supported EV for last two years due to job change. The company that I work now is in the process of introducing email archiving and they have a CommV...

KVS by Level 3
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Resolved! How can I resolve MAPI error in EV

Hi I installed EV 11 Ver. on Windows 2012 R2 with SQL 2012 R2 and Active Directory was installed on Windows 2012 R2 with Exchange 2013 After installing EV, I tried to start "Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for ExchangeServer", but I always saw foll...

Jake_kang by Level 4
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Event ID 41008, 41263, 41257, 41259

Good Day,   I have following problems, my Enterprise Vault is getting into backup mode automatically with following Event-ID's 41008 (New items awaiting backup or replication) + 41259 (Days since last check that newly-archived data is secure) + 412...

Access Denied trying to delete FSA placeholder

Hi There, I am trying to delete a folder no longer required on a shared data location. The folder location is on a NetApp Filer CFIS share. FSA has been disabled for this location but it has left some files with a Grey X on the icon. We have also...

compressed mail archive size

Apologies for this basic of question but is there a simply method to report on the compressed mail archive size for the entire site? If possible I would rather not start running SQL queries on the backend as I was informed that this is potentially d...

Sustained CPU usage on a EV SQL DB

Morning all, does anyone have any idea what the following is and what it doesn? My EV SQL DB runs at 100% CPU on occassion and analysis has surfaced the following as culprit   EVMailboxVaultStore.dbo.usps_UnreferencedWatchFileSISParts;1  

EV11 Exchange Mailbox Archiving lost it's Targets

Hello,   I'm fairly new to Enterprise Vault, I have installed EV11 on a new server but I'm having a problem. The Exchange Mailbox Archiving task has lost it's Targets   I have made sure that there are targets in the Provisioning Groups area of ta...

Happyal by Level 3
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Resolved! Exporting Symantec Archive to Exchange archive mailbox

Hi, so I recently created an archive mailbox for myself on Exchange. Is it possible to export my Symantec archive directly to the Exchange archive? or do I need to export it to my main mailbox and then use a retention policy to move the email to my a...

tfoster by Level 4
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Resolved! EV11 USL and Storage Queue

Hello all, This is a follow-up question on my previous question: A Symantec Engineer pointed to, which states at ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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