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Archiving now workign correctly after connecting new Exchange2016.

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Hello all,

i would like to ask if there is somebody who have experience with following problem:

We have running EV 11.0.1 CHF 5 tilll now connected to exchange 2013 who worked everithing without problem. DUe to custoemr request old Exhcnage was destroyed and we migrate to Exchange 2016.

In last Days the system mailbox and journal mailbox was migrated to Exchange 2016 in Cloud.  After adding new Exchange 2016 and performeing configuration of new journaling task and adding of the target the task run without probem but the mails are not archived. All are landing in Journaling Mailbox. Check of the Rights and permisssion for user and new exchange done no problem found. Connection between EV server adn Exchange 2016 no problem. Conection from EV server to the Mailboxes ( allready on Exchange 2016) via OWa no problem everithing owrks fine just archiving is not working.

Please do you have any hints??




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My recommendation would be to shift to SMTP journaling rather than mailbox journaling.  In my experience having the journal mailbox in the cloud will not work, but SMTP journaling is fantastic, especially for O355 or hybrid environments.

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The first thing is to ensure you are able to open MS Outlook on the EV server with the system mailbox that you used to configure the Journal Archiving task. If the system mailbox has been moved to the cloud, then you need to create a new one and assign the necessary permissions for the EV service account. 

Next, ensure the Journal archiving task starts successfully. If it fails, have a look in the event viewer for clues.

Indeed, SMTP journaling has many benefits and it should be your first option.


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Journal Archiving from a mailbox in O365 is not supported, only SMTP archiving can be used in this scenario. Or, Configure O365 to journal to an On-prem mailbox, but that means you will need an on-prem Exchange server.

Regards. Gertjan