Change EV namespace


We are about to upgrade our exchange server to 2016 (from 2010).

In the new architecture was defined that we are only using 1 namespace for all access (internal and external), so are only going to have 1 certificate.

My doubt is how do I do this in EV.

We have EV 11.4CHF5 and Web Access port 80 no SSL.

I need to:

  • Securing Enterprise Vault web-based communication (Get and install certificate, etc.)
  • Get Enterprise Vault answer to ev.domain.com instead od ev.domain.local

We have 2 Enterprise Vault Server, Server1 = "EV Storage Service", Server2 = "EX Indexing Service'

How do I change the namespace of Enterprise Vault Server so Outlook, Owa can access EV?


Methoted: https://www.veritas.com/content/support/en_US/doc/85434533-129299639-0/v85301489-129299639 

António Mourão

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Re: Change EV namespace


first thing you need to know is that OWA with Exchange 2016 will work through WebApps instead of the OWA extension.

here is how to set up external URL


If I remember correctly there was an advanced settign where you could set the external name (Exchange Desktop Policy/OWA)



Re: Change EV namespace

Hi CConsult,

Thanks for your answer, let me expand on my problem.

We have: Exchange 2010, TMG, Enterprise Vault 11, the access to Enterprise Vault is Http (no certificate).

We are going to: Exchange 2016, Some Firewall product, EV 12.5, and all access to EV server are SSL.

 Exchange server  Exchange 2010 - Actual   Exchange 2016  
 URL OWA internal               https://mail.domain.local/owa  https://mail.domain.com/owa   
 URL OWA External             https://mail.domain.com/owa  https://mail.domain.com/owa 
 Value set for External Web Application URL  /enterprisevault                            /enterprisevault                           
 External URL used for Enterprise Vault   N/A                                      https://ev.domain.com/enterprisevault 
 Internal URL used for Enterprise Vault  http://ev.domain.local/enterprisevault  https://ev.domain.com/enterprisevault  


Can I use the names in the exchange 2016 column?