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Resolved! Move SQL Server Reporting Services to a new server

Hi,We are moving our Enterprise Vault SQL Server to new hardware, do I need to migrate "SQL Server Reporting Services" or just install a new one?I think that SQL Server Reporting Services just have the report queries and the data are in the Enterpris...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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EV Vault store New Partition not backed up

Hi,I've got an alert on my EV site with event id '41008', after checking it seems the vault store [Partition1] transitioned to the closed state, and [Partition2] is now in the open state; from NB I added [Partition2] for backup nevertheless the stora...

Question about licensing when using SMTP archiving

We have an Enterprise Vault server that has 1 SMTP Journal archive to which Exchange Online messages are CC'ed.  We spoke to a licensing rep who said that we would need 1 x "ESSENTIAL 12 MONTHS RENEWAL FOR ENTERPRISE VAULT EMAIL MGMT 1 USER ONPREMISE...

PST Export Issue - No Errors & No Files Exported

Hello!We are looking to export our legal hold data out of a EV12.1 environment we acquired through an acquisition.  The archive PST export wizard and PowerShell commands seem straight-forward enough, but we can't get the exports to work at all.  With...

Items not archived due to Policy

Hi,While using PST migration "Locate and Migrate" I'm getting a message in the log for several PSTs:items not archived due to Policy, how to tune the policy to migrate all items in the PST with a 100% success rate?thank you for your valuable feedback...

Enterprise Vault search problem

Hello everyone is riding it. I am coming to you because I have had a huge problem with enterprise vault for over a week.Title of error:Your search request failed.Wait and try again. If the problem persists, contact your Enterprise Vault administrator...

GN5 by Level 2
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Issue Migrating Huge PSTs

Hi,I'm migrating a bulk of PST files located under a file server partition to EV 12.5, for that I'm using "PST migration: Locate and Migrate" everything is happening smooth for the small PST (< 4 GB) however I'm facing a failure with the big PSTs ( >...

Resolved! EV Archiving policy question

Hello gurus,Interesting question came up that we may need to test. We would like to setup a new archiving policy that will archive all emails 0 days, does not delete original item, does not create shortcut. Basically just a copy of mailbox. And remov...

Delete expired items question

Hello,I have a question regarding deleting the expired items.After years and years without doing it, the new archiving politic changed, they now want to do it. This means I'll have few TB to delete ( I'm aware it will take me ages....).We are using E...

Resolved! EV 11 migrate/update to EV14

Hello,I'm looking for documentation for our next project.We have 4 enterprise vault server in version 11.0.1 CHF5, 1 Server with Storage service, 3 Index Server (Windows Server 2008 R2) and using an SQL Server 2008 R2. I like to create a new infrastr...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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"Store in Vault" unavailable, intermittently

Enterprise Vault on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, Exchange 2013Some users report being unable to do Store in Vault. When they try, they get a message box pop up:"Enterprise Vault"Could not process the selected items."Reason: ...

Limit to EV 14.x Search number of items?

Hi folks,IHAC that wants to know if there is a limit to the number of archived items that can be searched?My spontaneous answer would be "no" - only to the number of items displayed in Search. Am I correct?Regards,Bert

Bert_G by Level 1
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OCR indexing (Tiff iFilter) on Windows 2019 not working

Dear all,Since we installed EV 14 on Windows 2019, we have noticed that the OCR indexing (Tiff iFilter) no longer works for some customers. We have tested with JPG and scanned PDF in different languages but without success. Even Veritas support has n...