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Deleting folders

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Here's the situation:

During our EV implementation we imported quite a few PSTs into one mailbox for litigation hold. Each PST is represented by a folder in the archive of our EV-Litigation-Hold user.

Some of the data now is no longer under hold and I've been told to delete it. EV doesn't let me delete folders that are not empty. How do I delete this data without going into each folder and deleting emails for 50+ users?


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Hi mate,

I am afraid there is no easy way to achieve this. 

You could give permissions to a user, say the vault service account to all the necessary archives (via EVPM), then from the EV Search to delete the emails, then the folders. But I believe this would be very time-consuming.

Another possibly better approach would be to export the archives to PST (you can do multiple archives concurrently) and when you do the export, select to export those folders and check the option to remove exported items from the archive.