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EV 12.1.1 - Rebuild index question/procedure

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Hi !

sorry for my english, i'm french speaking and Google translate is not always good !!!

We are using EV 12.1.1 and last week we got some problem with the search in DA.  So I tried to verify/synchronize some index volume.  Some finished OK, some finished with warning, others failed.  I checked on the web (this communities) for solution about this, and often, the solution is to rename the index folder to {index_id}.OLD and restart the rebuild.

I'm newbie with EV, no formation, just this communities for help. 

First, I'm gonna explain our setting:

We have 2 archive, one Archive1, the other, ArchiveSMTP.  Before sept 11 2017, we used exchange and after sept 11 2017, we changed for SMTP.

We have 39 index volumes for  Archive1 (Exchange) and 9 for ArchiveSMTP (SMTP). Each index volume have about 5000000 items indexed.

Some index volumes have missing items, most of the time is for SMTP index volume.

If I want to verify/synchronize the volume index where we have missing items, often we have error like "The synchronize paused as it encountered an error." with error code 57.

I found nothing about this error and sometime what I read for solution for something like that is to rename the index folder to xxx.old and restart a new rebuild.

I would like to know how proceed.

My drive look like this:





Each folder have folder look like this:


When I read "Rename the index folder and restart a rebuild"  is it the D:\EVStorage\Index\index[1-8] to rename or the folders under D:\EVStorage\Index\index[1-8] ?

Also, during this rebuild, does the users can do search ?

Approximatively, is it long for each rebuild ?  Hours ? days ? Weeks ?

If I understand what I read on the web, it's look like this, wright ?


Stopping services ?

Rename folder D:\EVStorage\Index\index1\1A907ADAB7F625D44AD6A75831F19AF77_8

this folder is corresponding to index volume with the range 24810624 - 36761602 (example)

Does I need to do this for index volume with upper range ?

Just go to "Manage Index" -> "Rebuild" -> select the index volume where I renamed the folder.

What we will see for the location for the selected index volume, the old folder or nothing ?


Last question.... If since sept 11 2017 where we started to use SMTP, we used also classification.  If I rebuild a index volume created before sept 11 2017, does the items will pass through the classification ?


Thanks for your help !


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First advise, get training! Even the basic Admin training will clarify a lot.
EV is not an 'off the shelf' application, you really need to know what is where, and how it works.
There is training in France (if you are in France that is :-))_

Error 57 - indicates possible issue with authentication to IIS, most likely overload of indexing service.

Which folder you rename is depending on which index you rebuild.
If you go into the Indexing page in the Console, you can see exactly the location.
That is the folder you need to rename

D:\EVStorage\Index\index1\1A907ADAB7F625D44AD6A75831F19AF77_8 =

During the rebuild, users should be able to search, as old index remains searchable. However, if you rename folder, EV does not know it has an old folder....
Time to rebuild the index, depends on how many items in index, how fast is storage, how much resources does it have etc.
I have rebuild several times an indexlocation for more or less the same (5.000.000 items),
that takes anything from 1 to 6 days.

Way to go.
stop index-administration task
goto rebuild
select index to rebuild.
when set, start index-administration task again.
You'll see old folder (as that is in the Database).
Old folder will be recreated if I recall correct.

I am not sure about the classification, I believe that if you use classification, a rebuild will also reclassify

Regards. Gertjan

Thanks !

I'm not from France but Québec, Canada ! Yes, I ask to my boss for getting training but it's always the same old respond... "we need money for this...bla bla bla"

Thanks for your info, it's helpfull




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also training in Canada, I'm sure.

Ask your boss how much value he thinks the archived data is worth. If it is a lot, does he feel comfortable to let an untrained person handle it? (no offense).


Regards. Gertjan