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Resolved! User does not have permission on any archive

Hello,a customer is facing the following error for one ev server. Enterprise Vault Search returns 'You do not have access to archives. If the problem persists, contact your Enterprise Vault Administrator'. Once this failure occurs, the user is no lon...

Restricting Enterprise Mobile Search questions

Hi,Current version EV 12.3We are currently pilot testing EV Mobile Search, via an EV Proxy Server installation and would like to know the following please;How can we restrict which users can have access to the EV Mobile Search?We would also like to e...

philt by Level 5
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Move to SMTP Archiving 12.3.1

Hi allI have a cusomer who is currently on EV 11.0.1 and want to go to EV 12.3.Once upgraded they want to have a look at SMTP archiving instead of the standard archiving tasks using a journal stream. Personally I have not used this before apart from ...

SolarP by Level 6
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Resolved! Powershell Import PST fails

Hi,I am getting an error when I try to import an PST via Powershell:(I have shortened the path here [...])PS [...]>  Add-EVPstFile -UNCPath "\\localhost\d$\[...]\Albert, Hans_EVStore01\00001.pst"  -Archive "Albert, Hans"Add-EVPstFile : This file is a...

CConsult by Moderator
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Vulnerable Enterprise Vault on IIS

Dear GuysI have implement enterprise vault 12.2 in my customer and then when we want to go live, their security policy scan the ev server website with acunetix web scan, they found 3 issue, one issue is high and then two more is medium, we can't go l...

Resolved! SearchFolderManager.exe Error 8004011d

Hi everyone, we are facing the mentioned error in one environment. Outlook 2013 installed on the server. Mailboxes on 2016 CU9. It does not matter if we execute it manually or with the powershell script. Tested for different mailboxes, all failing wi...

Marcde by Moderator
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Resolved! Discovery Accelerator 10 -> 11 database upgrade error

Hi guys,I'm attempting to upgrade our DA from 10 to 11. I'm recieiving the following error when I go to upgrade the our database and the custodionmanager database:Cannot drop the index 'tblVaultSamples.IX_tblVaultSamples_Lookup', because it does not ...

End Users Changing Retention

We are looking at getting our mail footprint (Mailbox and EV) down to two years retention across the board – But with the ability allowing the End users a solution to overwrite the retention for specific emails before the 2 year window is reached (e....

Resolved! Storage Expiry First time schedule

Just need information on the what would be a better approach for setting up storage expiry.I understand that the first time around storage expiry puts a lot of load on the SQL servers and storage servers.Our plan is to set up the expiry schedule for ...

Resolved! DA 11.0.1 to 12.4 Upgrade steps

Hi AllJust a quick question on Upgrading from Discovery Accelerator DA 11.0.1 to DA 12.0.4. which I will be doing for a customer.I have been reading the upgrade instruction here and have been checking the pre reqs etc and reading the 12.0.4 Installat...

SolarP by Level 6
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Vault Service Account Throttling Policy

Hello everybody,Once again I need help regarding the exchange migration from 2010 to 2016 ( both on site).WE have a  Default Throttling Policy on our exchange environment.Default 2010 : 5000 Recipient Rate limitDefault 2016 : 10000 Recipient Rate lim...

Need help on SQL Query

Hi All,I have a query shared by GertjanA, however, my problem is that I am not able to run the query as my DB (EVMBXVAULT07) is on SQL 2012 and the directory DB is on SQL 2008 server. Can any of the masters please help me with it? my linked server na...

Resolved! Move EV to a different server......

HiI need to move an EV 11.0.1 server to a new machine. I also need to upgrade to EV 12 but my question\problem is around the current EV server.This is a single EV server running on Windows 2008 which does file archiving only. The problem that I think...

CadenL by Level 6
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Storage queue files were not recognized

Hello together,we have an issue regarding old storage queue files. We have moved them out of the storage queue because the journal index was going in failed state.We have moved them back in the storage queue location but now they are not recognized. ...

Index Service fail to start

Hi guys,Recently I have had problems with index service because doesn't start.  I have journal running in it with several thousand of items waiting to be indexed.I have applied some workaround technotes like reset index engine and reinstall EV binari...

Daniel_R_ by Level 5
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Resolved! Archive task fails

EV 11.0.1 with exchange 2013. Archive task getting fail again and again for some exchange servers. Checked system mailbox is ok and Service account have required permission on exchange. Getting below error message in Dtrace 924         14:35:08.778  ...