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EV DA Upgrade

Level 4

We are planning on upgrading EV DA and EVault to 12.2  Currently DA is at version EV is at version DA and Evault will be moved to new servers as well. I've read that DA can run at a higher version than EV.

My plan was to move DA to the new server with the current version installed on the new server. Then upgrade to DA to V12.2  However, the upgrade to EV will not take place for another week. Is it okay for DA to be at the higher version?

Then the plan for EV is to migrate to the new server at the same time of the upgrade using the migration wizard. Is this recommended or is there another preferred method? Compatibility chart for wizard indicates that this is supported. 

Thanks in advance!


Level 5
Partner Accredited

Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator 12.2 work with Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 and later. See page 110 of Compatibility Guide:

SSMW is OK. 12.0 has a lot little issues that can come up.

You could also migrate manually and upgrade

Level 6



DA migration (same version) to new server and upgrade from there is fine. It can be on higher version.

As for EV, my personal preference is always migration instead of using the wizard... meaning, setup a brand new Windows, install EV binary and perform recovery. If it failed, i can always fallback to the original server easily.

Hope this helps. Thanks!