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EV10 - Deleted items waiting to be deleted from indexes

We have a number of records in our JournalDelete table in the Mailbox Archive Vault Store DB that are not getting purged. I've looked through past posts for this matter, but nothing has matched or helped.There are 11 specific mailbox archives that ar...

Index Rebuild subtask failing with Error 41352

We had a volume that showed up in a failed state. A verification did not complete successfully. We then proceeded to try a volume rebuild. Each time the rebuild fails with an event in the EV event log:The processing of the Rebuild Sub task has stoppe...

Resolved! Outlook Search Button not working

Hi,Outlook 2013 client Ev 11.0.1 cf5 Store, Restore, Help buttons working but Search button is not working nothing happens when I click it. From direct link(search) for this user is working on browser.Client log:Action: Failed to execute action 'SEAR...

vaultlearner by Level 4
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Resolved! EV Upgrade on DA server

HiHopefully a question with a simple answer, but I have a DA11.0.1 server running on Windows 2008 and I need to upgrade this to DA 12.x to make this a compatible version when I upgrade my EV server to 12.xTo move from a Windows 2008 platform to Windo...

CadenL by Moderator
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No items in archive explorer

We have a user who can't see any items in his archive explorer. It just says 'there are no items to show in this view'The usage report shows lots of items there and resynced his archive without issue.The index volumes browser shows his indexes as hea...

Outlook security patch KB4011178 breaks Enterprise Vault

On at least Windows 1607 and 1703 (64-bit), when we applied KB4011178 to Outlook 2013 (32-bit) with a previously working Veritas Enterprise Vault add-in (including the latest version), the search vault button now does nothing at all. I have tested bo...

nzdude by Level 3
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Enterprise Vault 12.2.1 released.

All,  EV 12.2.1 has been released and can be found here - This has many fixes including one for File Server Archiving where file server shares would become inaccessible for a period of time duri...

plaudone1 by Level 6
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Running out of space on my server

Hi guys,We're running on a physical server (please don't kill me... i know it's outdated and i know the physical server is not the greatest option but we have a situtation which i need to solve).I have 10GB left on a 500GB hard drive wher...

Certificate mismatch error

Whenever user users are trying to access the attachments from archived emails and are clicking the attachment link, they are being redirected to a webpage (Evault1 site) which is giving a Warning certificate error that the webpage is not using valid ...

lak by Level 2
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Save multiple Shortcuts as non-EV Mail

Hi,has someone a idea how to perform that?Problem: some users save shortcutmails via drag & drop instead of "save as in outlook message full view". so they are saving the shortcut mails only. Issues are on file system, not every one can open the mail...

FLX by Level 4
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Resolved! Shortcuts don't show attachments

Hi all,Is there a default setting for attachments to be viewable and retrievable from stubbed items? We just see the name of the attachment but no actual file as below


removing some installed components

Hi ThereI'm looking to remove selected components from the install (EV12.2) on server 2012R2. I've tried modify from the control panel, gone through to components, want to remove SMTP archiving component but it is greyed out, actually they are all gr...


Hi everyone;EV single server 2008 R2 SQL server 2008R2. Since we activated the vault store partition collections to improve the backup the SQL Server CPU is at 100 99% consumed by SQL process.Our DBA suspect this request to be responsable.SELECT FPVe...

hazga by Level 1
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Resolved! Outlook and OWA double-click shortcut issue

Using Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 with Cumulative Hotfix 5Outlook 2013 clients with same Outlook-Addon version as serverExchange 2010 SP3 serversIn the last few weeks when we double-click a stub shortcut it no longer shows the whole email. It just shows ...

Resolved! Provisiong Group

Para trabalhar com o Provisiong Group é melhor colocar usuarios dentro de grupos do AD, correto?R:Quando tiver um novo usuario é só adicionar ele grupo que na proxima vez que rodar a tarefa ele é adicionado automaticamente, correto?R:E quando usuario...