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EV FSA - delete one subfolder from archive

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hello to everybody...

Just need one advice.

We have implemented EV FSA for our file server where, among all shares, resides home folders from our users. It is workin ok. All files and folders are archived and placeholders are on file system.

One user left company and we plan to exclude his home folder from archiving and delete his archived data.

My colleauge delete his folder from file system, and now we have to delete his archive.

My question is, how can I do that without messing with other folders.

File target which EV is "looking" is root of home folders.

Can I simply in EV admin console go to Archives -> File system, find his archive and delete it? Or it must be done on some other way?

I like to be careful so that's the reason why I'm asking that question here...

Thank you all in advance.



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if you have it configured to create seperate archives for each user's home folder then you should be fine deleting just the individual's FSA archive. as with anything, make sure you have a complete backup just in case.