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EV Reporting

Level 3
A quick question about EV Reporting. At the moment I have a working EV system, but without the reporting component. All the EV services currently run from a single server, and the DB's are running on another server. In terms of placement of the EV Reporting service, my understanding is that it needs to run from the same server as MSSQL Reporting Services, so is it normal to install it on the SQL server? Or do you do something like install reporting services to the EV server, and then link them back to the DBs on the DB server?

Many thanks

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
the SQL Reporting services can be put any where, a dedicated machine, an ev server or the sql server, its really up to you.
It is just a webservice that connects to a sql instance, whether its locally or remotely doesn't matter, as long as the permissions are correct.

my personal preference is to install it on the EV Server, but some DBA's like to have SQL reporting services be kept with the SQL server.
its all based on where you'd rather connect to, its not resource or network intensive