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EV Training

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Here's an outline for a recent project I was asked to assist with.  We deployed EV companywide (5000 plus).

EV had been used for about 3 years but it was voluntary.  The environment was an electric utility that had employees all over the state - a very decentralized environment.

The changes that required EV to be trained company wide:

mail Messenger was changed so that ALL email would be deleted after 1 year.

what we offered:

I created a Computer Based Training that provided simulations so that employees could get a "feel" as to how EV worked FOR THEM.

We positioned EV as a tool to help manage email.  Candidates included:

 employees that often maxed out on their mail quota (we used the terms "find yourself in email jail frequently)

Employees that needed to keep email over 1 year


The CBT was a requirement for anyone that wanted to be sent the link to the software download.

then we conducted multiple 2 hour sessions, specifically to allow employees to set up EV and clean up their mailboxes. (this was crucial as most employees cannot take the time to do that at their own workstation)

We also auto created 3 separate folders under inbox (marked 1 year, 3 years and 5 years and assigned those specific Retention periods to those folders)

This provided the capability to drop and drag email to the appropriate Retention period.  Employees could drop and drag either separate emails or entire folders to the correct Retention Period folder.


The biggest success came from the way we set up the 2 hour sessions.

we did not make the training mandatory.  Rather we encouraged people to take advantage of the free time to set up their email as they wanted.  No interruptions or distractions.  We had 1 or 2 people provide assistance on an individual basis in the 2 hr session.  We even played soothing music - sounds different I realize, however, it created a very productive mood.

I also created numerous handouts, announcements and we posted everything on the internal intranet for reference.


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What was the soothing music?  I could do with some of that.  Smiley Happy

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Hi Mel,


Nice work with the training.



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Anything by Otmar Liebert works very well!