EVSVR Time Frame

We are in the midst of running EVSVR to repair an index issue we are having (Index and Archive Out of Sync). It has been running since 4/29.

For those who have done this - how long did it take to repair? I realize the answer is most likely "it depends", but our legal teams want to know when they can search again

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Re: EVSVR Time Frame

hi andrew. it depends is right. the other answer is a long time. heh. what version of EV are you using?


Re: EVSVR Time Frame

Thanks Andy... we are running 10.4 at the moment

Re: EVSVR Time Frame

that's good. so if it helps, EVSVR Check pointing was introduced with EV 10.0.4 which means you can stop EVSVR, let legal run a search, and start it back up and it will resume where it left off