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EVPM - Name/Email Change?

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Hello Everyone!

I'm using EVPM to push out a new folder.  I am pushing it out to the Entire Exchange Organization. (Exchange 2010)

When doing so, it works for 99% of users EXCEPT for users who have had a name change. This name change included a change to their name in Active Directory as well as their actual email address. I've taken a look at the archives in EV and they already reflect the name change.

As a test, I did pipe the output of EVPM to a file.  The users with the name change were NOT on the list, almost as if they were skipped somehow.

Any thoughts on what I might need to do to these users for EVPM to work?

Thanks again!


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What EV version are you using? Are you using their display name in your EVPM ini file? Did their alias change? Try using alias intead?

Can you post what's in your ini file (take out the sensitive stuff), I'll see if I can test and replicate the issue?

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I doubt the Distinguished name (LeagacyExchangeDN) remains same even after a change in AD properties like username/alias etc. So, Could you please check if you are using correct Distinguised name in the EVPM script?


  1. You can check the  LegacyExchangeDN of the User object from the ADSIEdit.msc tool


  1. Running a custom search  LDAP query like



/o=KVSORG/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=test101)) should show the same account


** replace /o=KVSORG/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=test101 with the DN that you are using


How to run custom search LDAP query -



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for the users that are failing, go to the archive properties from the vac and copy the archive id. then use it to lookup the archive info and find the LegacyExchangeDN that EV lists for it. copy and paste that into your EVPM script.