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Resolved! SQL Query for Orphaned Indexes

I'm sure this can be done, but my brain isn't big enough. We have some old indexes that don't seem to be associated with an archive. Can someone help me with a query to to identify "orphaned index folders/volumes?     Thanks!!

Scott__Hastings by Level 5
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Lag Copy for Exchange journaling database.

Hi all. Exchange lag copy database is definitely something what you must have. All PROs are clear and obvious. But does it make sense to keep 1 lag copy for journaling database? Under "journaling database" I mean dedicated mailbox database with jou...

Stashek by Level 3
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Enterprise Vault Search Results Cant be Opened

We are experiencing this issue on few endpoints where after performing a search from Archive Explorer, we are not able to open any search result. Clicking on any of the search result email wont do anything and it just stays there forzen. No error is ...

remo2456 by Not applicable
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Resolved! 10.0.4 JournalStub Table 1.3TB in Size Ouch and Growing

Can anyone tell me why in EV 10.0.4 on one and one only the Databse Size has a JournalStub Database Table that is 1.3TB in size and gowing. I checked the other JournalStub DB Tables on the onter EV Databases and they are in the meg range. Were ruunni...

EV11 and EV12 / lab / co-exist?

Hello, I have just finished an EV11 in my lab and was wondering if I could add an EV12 and have it target the same Exchange - 2016? I'd setup up seperate mailboxes/databases for it to target. I was just wondering whether fundamentally if this was pos...

Rem_y by Level 4
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Problem restoring emails from Outlook

Hi All, I am having an issue with the EV add-in for Outlook, when I try to restore an item I get this message: Could not process the selected items. Reason: The Certificate Authority that generated server's certificate is not recognized. I had be...

EV Audit Logs do not show the correct Info

Hi, I setup EV Audit just to track who has been enabling disabling mailboxes in EV. I am using EV10.0.4 with CHF3, EV Auditing is setup and very simple, Audit entries based on the following categories, ticked then Admin Activity is ticked, just to t...

Resolved! EV 11 Server Driven PST migration question

Hi When a Server Driven migration activity is in operation, can a user still access their PST if they choose to? My understanding is that the locator task will find the PST, and then the collector task will move it to the holding area, finally it w...

CadenL by Level 6
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Resolved! Archive Explorer not working from OWA

Hello there, I have an issue with my environment related to OWA archiving. I have EV 11 and Exchange 2010. My retrieval, archiving and restore works fine via OWA internally and externally. However when I click on Archive Explorer or Search Archives ...

Resolved! ZAP Mailbox fails Exchange 2013

Hey Guys, we are searching for a solution for the following problem: If we try to ZAP a mailbox (delete hidden message), we get the following error: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault>evpm.exe –e exchangeserver -m svc_vaultem servicemailb...

baschi by Level 4
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Resolved! old Notes data migration to Exchange

Hi,   a cutomer with over 10.000 mailboxes plans to get rid of Lotus Notes. There was a migration from Notes to Exchange a couple of years ago. Old data were not migrated. The customer has no archiving solution in use right now.   Is it possibl...

CConsult by Moderator
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Getting Events 3475 and 3177 with Retrievals

Hi, Working on Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 in a Microsoft Clustered Environment. There are two EV Servers in the EV Site. On both servers getting a lot of events lately with IDs 3475 and 3177 Event ID 3475: One or more errors occurred during the crea...

How many connections to Exchange Servers?

Hey Guy, we work in a big enviroment with 3 active EV Server, each one has his own access to DAG Clusters. So we need to know what is the maximum amount of  connections from one EV Server. Thanks a lot. Baschi

baschi by Level 4
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Bulk reset of archiving state

Hi I have inherited an EV enviroment where there was no existing user tasks setup, with the exception of zero day archiving.   Therefore they would simply leave the user in existing OU for a 30 period then delete the user and disable the mailbox. ...

TajComp by Level 3
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EVPM - Creating and expiring folders

Hello Everyone! Quick question about EVPM, I haven't used it extensively before but it looks like a pretty powerful tool:   I'm looking at a scenario where we would like to create mailbox folders for a few people when a project begins.  We would l...

vanadasd by Level 4
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Scripting the maiilbox archive task for a specific mailbox

I have a site with approx 2000 mailboxes which are archived daily on a task schedule.  However I have a requirement whereby a specific mailbox needs to be archived at much more frequent intervals - say every 30 minutes. How can I accomplish this ?  ...

SYMAJ by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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