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Enterprise Vault restore

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I have implemented Enterprise Vault 12.1.3 version in my infrastructure.

For backing up whole EV infrastructure I'm using Backup Exec 16.

As logon account for backing up EV I'm using EV service account which has all permissions on whole EV organization.

Now, I tried to test recovere EV in lab. I built BE, domain and all other services. I prepared new machines for EV and SQL same as in production (following EV DR guide)

I imported backup data disk in test BE and made inventory and catalog. Now, when I'm testing credentials on Directory EV dataset with same credentials I got error "test failed". I even tried with domain admin account with same result.

I cannot proceed with further EV recovery beacuse of that...

Can anybody came across on similar thing? Any info would be appreciated.


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Hello Micek,

If you run the Deployment Scanner from the new EV server in your testlab, does that come back with issues? It might be you need to define the account in SQL (Login's), but the Deployment Scanner will list issues.

Regards. Gertjan

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Thank you Gertjan for the tip...

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Partner Accredited Certified

Hello Gertjan,

Let me describe what I want to do... I'm trying to emulate D/R of BE16 and EV12 in my lab.

In that process, I installed EV12.1.3, configure archiving of two test users (throught archiving rules). After that I configured Backup Exec 16 to protect that EV by backing up whole EV directory along with its databases. For backing up, I granted backup exec logon account Power administrator and Storage administrator roles in EV (according EV protecting document). Backup was succesfull and all rights was ok on BE side.

After backup was made, I was crushing both machines and build new ones same as those before and deleting EV databases on SQL server (SQL were not crushed). After that  firstily I installed BE and import backup disk and perform inventory and catalog. Upon finish, new BE saw EV directory backup set, but when I try test logon credentials with same logon account as before it shows "Test failed" error message.

I am not sure why logon credentials doesn't work on same dataset with same logon account.

Any help would be much appreciated.