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Enterprise Vault site design for Exchange

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I have a customer who has several geographical sites with slow links (2mb and 4Mb, approx 60% utilisation) between them. They have one exchange org.
They already have an archiving solution on one site using EV 2007. We have been approached to upgrade to EV 8 and also enable archiving on one of the other sites.
From what I can see, we need to create a whole new EV site and directory at the new site as the WAN links are too slow for the SQL traffic, is this the correct approach?

What the EV docs don't really cover is whether 2 different EV sites/servers can archive from the same Exchange org(different Exchange servers)?

Also do the existing licenses cover two EV sites/servers(they have enough mailbox licenses for both sites)?

Another thing is that the Exchange provisioning task will need to run on each EV site/server, will this cause any issues?

Would it be a good idea to have seperate EV service accounts for the different EV sites/services?



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From what i see is that since the mailbox archiving is run at night (my assumption) then the WAN links will be much quieter. In that case the SQL will have use of the full WAN speed for connection to the EV SQL server

The speed is not so much an issue if you ask me the issue i would think would be latency. If there is little latency and you are archiving at night then it should not be so much a problem

One thing you may consider is putting all the sites into one EV site but if you are worried about the WAN links you can have a central SQL server so as to maintain one EV site but have the EV servers that actually holds the data on each site so the only communication going across the WAN is the SQL traffic and not the actual data being archived

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I agree with Liam.
In EV80 there is the fingerprint db, but if you archive during the night, using as much wan-bandwith as possible, you should be fine.
You might have to think out what sharing you use.

Good luck.

Regards. Gertjan