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Enterprise Vault

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I am currently running EV 7.0.  for exchange.  I am journaling all messages in and out of my network.  At the moment i am journaling everything over to a SAN drive that has alot of storage space.  At some point in the future this storage space will because full.  What is the best way to deal with possibly dealing with the expanding file storage space.  at the moment there is about 500GB worth of EV stuff in the KVS vault folder. 

Level 4
The easiest thing to do is to create a new Enterprise Vault 'partition' for the Vault Store which contains the existing journal archive.  The new partition can be on another SAN, or a completely different device, such as an EMC Centera.  You would then close the old partition.  All new data would go to the new partition.
You might also consider creating a new journal archive in a different Vault Store altogether.  This new Vault Store could be created with a partition on a new storage device.   Once you do that, you would change the journaling target to point to the newly created journal archive.