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Enterprise vault office addin

Level 4


Recently we have deployed exchange 2016 and we have EV in the environment.  Today i tested deploying Office mail app for EV for one of the test user. After Running New-app command against the user the Enterprise vault app was deployed but when i try to open the EV add-in it's giving an error "Intialization failed" or "Something went wrong we couldn;t start this add-in"

Can someone suggest me on right path to troubleshoot the issue or what could be causing the issue?


Level 6

This "initialization failed" from the Office Mail App can be a whole lot of different things. To be frank, you're probably best served by opening a case with Support.

If you're hell-bent on troubleshooting it yourself, then you can use your browser's developer tools (F12 in Internet Explorer) or a tool like Fiddler to inspect the HTTP traffic between the Office Mail App, the Exchange EWS endpoint, and the EV server to see what's going wrong.



Thanks Chris. I already opened a support case with EV.