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Evault Backup mode scripting... Tough Question...

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Here is our scenario: 

We have a large vault enviornment with 4x Vault servers and un-necessarily large amount of data. One of our Vault sites has 20TB of Vault Journaling and Indexing data. We also have 40 exchange servers (and the list goes on and on).  We use CommVault for backup - we backup sometimes between 200-300 jobs at a time on each CommCell.

Here is my issue: 

I want to use the Evault script to set and remove backup mode based on the current state of the backup mode for that Vault Storage Group. 

Meaning this if backup A and backup B both need to use the Pre/Post Scripts beucase they may run independently of each other. 

Backup A starts at 11:00 PM and Backs up say the index drives or the C: Drive etc. 

Backup B is schedule to start at 1:00 AM and is set to backup the Closed Partitions. 

I dont want Backup A's (Job already progressing) to have its backup mode reset by the next Job Backup B's pre/post - but since each job may run at independent times. I need both jobs to be able to set backups modes (on/off) for the evault backup process. 

I am hoping my question above makes at least some sense. Can any one assist? The thing is we have 10 Different backup jobs. that all run at different times of each other. 




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I thought I posted yesterday, but here goes again. I am not a scripting expert at all, but can you not use the 'get-backupmode' statement for both stores and indexes, to see the current state, and then act accordingly (i.e. get the result, then jump to another script based on that result)? return from above is either 'false' or 'true'.

Regards. Gertjan