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Export to PST

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Hi All, 

If you export archived items to PST out of the EV archive using the export wizard in the VAC is there any way that stubs would be present in the resulting PST? 

In my mind, it is near impossible but this problem has been posted to me and I am just wanting to see if it is possible. 



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Hello Rob,

I believe not. A shortcut would be a specific messageclass, which should not be archived. If messageclasses are added to be archived, then it is possible. Only way I can think of is that a user has a rule which exports shortcuts to a PST, and he is mixing up the used PST with the exported PST.



Regards. Gertjan

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Like I said I cannot see how it would work. Also, EV doesn't have the shortcut as a message class so it wouldn't be able to archive it.

Thanks for the reply. But I cant see it being archived but I wanted to see if I am missing something.  



The first question I would ask is why on earth would you want Shortcuts restored to a PST?


Seondly you can add whatever message class you like to EV.

Step1) Go to Directory Properties

Step2) Select the Exchange Message Classes tab

Step 3) Add whatever message class you like

Step4) Go to the properties of the relevant Mailbox policy

Step 5 Select the Message Classes tab

Step6) Tick the newly created message class

Step7) Run the archiving tab and enjoy having shortcuts in your archive.

Step8) Export to PST

Or thinking out the box, do a PST export as Normal, then use an Outlook rule to move Shortucts to the PST File......


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Can it be that someone added a shortcut as an attachment to a normal archived mail?
This would explain what your user is reporting...


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