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Resolved! Office 365 Hybrid with EV

Hello guys,in a discussion with an customer the following questions came up which I now want to clarify:If we use SMTP Archiving can we still delete the origin messages from the receivers mailbox like we do with Exchange Mailbox archiving? I assume t...

baschi by Level 4
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Resolved! Full Pst exporting from Discovery accelerator concern

Dear Team,I have a query regarding pst exporting through Discovery Accelerator.~i have to export 250 users full pst for migration purpose~i am facing slowness issue durring pst exporting on enterprise vault Server (SAS storage :( )~in this enviorment...

Move Enterprise Vault Cluster to new AD Domain

Dear All,I am in the pase for Cross forest Domain Migration. There is an Enterprise Vault server in cluster which also needs to be moved to new AD domain. I have seen whitepaper which talks about domain rename for EV , but its for standalone EV. I am...

gsingh1 by Level 3
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pending item timeout

We recently got updated to Enterprise Vault 10.0.04. We had over time before this had issues with  pending items  stuck in this state. I have fixed this on the policy with "Switching the Pending Shortcut" to  0 instead off Off and running against the...

Resolved! Unable to access archived items

Hi All,I have a strange issue with my users. We are unable to access their archived items via the shortcut but we can restore and archive items. Also, we cannot sync their virtual vault.Currently running EV 11 and we have installed the EV 11 and 12 c...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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FS archiving issue for one particular drive

Windows Server 2008 R2, Service Pack 1 : EV serverAttached Dtrace logs and screen shots for reference.FS Archiving is not working for F$ and no shortcut gets created , Archiving is working for other drives. We took one of the folder from F$ and selec...

pkatakdound by Level 5
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EV Upgrade from 10 to 12

Hello I have EV 10 on windows cluster with 2 nodes and i want to migrate for EV 12 , I am using SQL sp3 and i want to upgrade my SQL also to 2016 .Regarding to the EV vault store it also need to migrated from SAN storage to  EMC Elastic Cloud Storage...

Yassora by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 11 Outlook 2010 Do not show archived elements with LTE

Hello guys,we have the following constellation:+ EV AND Exchange 2013 AND Outlook 2010 with Win7/10I am able to see inside the local network all archived mails including the attachments, because I have installed the EV addin in Outlook.I ...

MON_AB by Level 4
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Questions around SharePoint Archiving

Hi AllA customer has asked me the following questions around SP archiving, Im unsure of how to respond Process to move a content DB that has been archived with EV from one environment to another.  E.g. the documents will not be in the DB anymore.Proc...

Resolved! Delete Shortcuts Is Not Working Correctly

Delete Shortcuts Is Not Working CorrectlyI made the configuration to delete the shortcuts, but it is not working, I do not know why. I need all shortcuts to be excluded.I've used this procedure:

Resolved! Expired .Cab files not deleted

I have 4 vaultstores. No sharing enabled for all stores.The below partitions have some .cab files left (between 4 mb - 31 gb). Most expired items have been deleted by storage expiry.The last modified date is in brackets. The retention period is 3 yea...

mart_g by Level 4
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Outlook Reminders during PST migration

I just ran into this with one of my pilot users.We're running EV 12.2, client is Win10/Office2016.The user has had the EV plugin and his mailbox has been enabled for archiving for a month. Today I enabled client driven migration for him. Within a few...

TJensen by Level 4
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Resolved! Hide icon in outlook

Hide icon in outlook1) I need the archive to be executed, the shortcut to be created but the icon that says the email is archived, I do not want it to appear. How I do?2) When restoring a file from the archive, will it be archived again when? Next ti...

Outlook Add-in Disconnection issue

Dear All,We are having a situation where EV Outlook Add-in disconnect and will not connect back untill we restart the MSOutlook.1. Exchange 20102. Outlook 2010/20133. Enterprisevault version :12.24. User mailbox is configured with outlook anywhereCur...

moula by Level 3
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Resolved! 41309 database disk image is malformed

Hello,One of our customer using EV 11.0.1, he inform me they had electircal issues with the system and Ev server shutdown because of that. Then we index was not working, We fix the index removing asp temp files.(

vaultlearner by Level 4
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Outlook searches fail - Enterprise vault server 11

Hello,We are a Windows 7 shop with Office 2010 and use EV Vault cache 11. Windows has always indexed the vault cache which is in the KVS folder located under local in the profile of the users. Suddenly indexing the vault cache has stopped for all our...

Edyxx by Level 5
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