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FSA Unable to Retrieve or Restore Files

Level 4

We have an older version of EV (10) thats not supported so we are left to figure this out ourselves. We basically have files in a project folder that were archived with EV (FSA) and users are unable to open the files. The files have a gray X and show 0KB. I understand there is a FSA utility: 

".\FSAUtility.exe -t -s \\source -d \\destination" but when I run it, I get this error:

"Error: The path \\source is not associated with an archived volume. If you migrated placeholders to this location, let the File System Archiving task process the volume, then stop the task and re-run this command"

Im not sure what this means. 

I can search fo, see, and download the files through the EV Mgmt Console, but they are asking for a whole folder of files and downloading them one at a time is not feasible. Does anyone have any suggestions? 


Level 6


Typically this means that the volume was deleted from the file server target in the console and this removes the reference association to the archive in the DB.  Without this reference the utility does not know which volume/archive association to use when trying to restore data.  

If the placeholder files work then you could use the following in a .bat file to copy the files to nul.  This forces the files that are placeholders to be recalled from EV.  

The following will process the folder the .bat file is in as well as sub-directories.  To only process the top folder remove the /s.  

dir %1 /s/b/A-d > copy.txt
for /f "delims=" %%A in ('type copy.txt') do copy ^"%%A^" \\.\nul\