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Failed to send a request to the Exchange Server OWA 2013

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I have Deployed my office mail app in my new exchage 2013 environment and installed certificate en the ev server and test the response from https://ev_server/enterprisevault/OfficeMailApp.htm without certificate error

but it do not work for me and I do not know where to look for the error. I made a trace in my ie if it helps anyone

LOG: Evoma ( TRACE ) 15:07:42.66 : EWSRest_DistinguishedFolderId.getSoapTag ( )
LOG: Evoma ( TRACE ) 15:07:42.67 : Making EWS call to find item with restriction: <t:IsEqualTo> <t:FieldURI FieldURI="item:ItemClass" /> <t:FieldURIOrConstant> < t : Constant Value = " IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Settings " /> < / h: FieldURIOrConstant > < / h: IsEqualTo >
LOG: Evoma ( TRACE ) 15:07:42.144 : EWSFindAssociatedItem.onEwsRequestComplete ( )
LOG: Evoma ( TRACE ) 15:07:42.144 : EWSFindAssociatedItem.onEwsRequestComplete ( ) - no cancel check defined .
LOG: Evoma (ERROR ) 15:07:42.144 : logAndReportFailure : EWSFindAssociatedItem.onEwsRequestComplete ID [ ERROR_EWS_ERRORRESULTSTATUS ] Err [ Failed to send a request to the Exchange Server ] [ Result Status : failed ]
LOG: Evoma (ERROR ) 15:07:42.145 : initializationFailed (): Failed to send a request to the Exchange Server
LOG: Evoma ( TRACE ) 15:07:42.145 : cancelSlowLoadTimer ( )
LOG: Evoma (ERROR ) 15:07:42.146 : display failure ( )
LOG: Evoma (ERROR ) 15:07:42.146 : display message ( )


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Could you try to open / browse the the EWS virtual Directory on Exchange Server.

If it faile then issue will be EWS virtual directory and might be get in touch with microsft.


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In my prior experience, such issues causes by exchange 2013 configuration which MS resolve via taking EXTRA ..etc logs, Before that I would suggest you to take fiddler trace in following way.

Start fiddler, Start mail app, Delete all entries from fiddler trace to reduce unneccessary output, now initialize EV mail app by click on 'enterprise vault' option in emails.

Once initialization fails then stop fiddler trace.

Take a copy of trace & upload.

You check if any issue with call 'executeewsproxy' or anyother MS call.


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Same issue here... using fiddler I can see that connection with executeewsproxy is the cause of the initialization failed error during EV toolbar loading in OWA...

I have got this error from Fiddler:

Failed to make a request via HttpWebRequest. Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server","StatusCode":0,"StatusDescription":null,"WasProxySuccessful":false}


Any ideas will be wecome!


Kind Regards,



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There is likely to be some environmental problem with your Exchange configuration that is causing this EWS request to fail. The only course of action that I can suggest is to contact Microsoft support to get to the root cause. If possible please feedback details of the resolution here so that others can perform their own trouble shooting in the future.


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If other mailapps work fine with this Exchange I dont see an issue with the Exchange Server.

mias, when you say "it do not work" could you please mention what exactly you see on the mail aap banner ? like Initialization failure or something ?

May be you can post the screenshot here.


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Hi All,

I have same error and it is persistant throughout Exchange 2013 environment.

Did anyone get any updates or resolution to the issue?

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Hello all,


I have the same error:

EVOMA (TRACE) 15:46:59.533: EWSFindAssociatedItem.onEwsRequestComplete() - no cancel check defined. MicrosoftAjax.js:5
EVOMA (ERROR) 15:46:59.534: logAndReportFailure: EWSFindAssociatedItem.onEwsRequestComplete ID[ERROR_EWS_ERRORRESULTSTATUS] Err[Failed to send a request to the Exchange Server] [Result status:failed] MicrosoftAjax.js:5
EVOMA (ERROR) 15:46:59.534: initializationFailed(): Failed to send a request to the Exchange Server MicrosoftAjax.js:5
EVOMA (TRACE) 15:46:59.534: cancelSlowLoadTimer() MicrosoftAjax.js:5
EVOMA (ERROR) 15:46:59.534: displayFailure() MicrosoftAjax.js:5 


Did you find the reason ?


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I am working with Symantec and Microsoft Support on this issue yet...

the behavior is that OMA does not load with error "Initialization Failed" as the print that Bei1205 sent.

When I get news I let you know...

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We are seeing this same issue with EV OMA use - and I was wondering if any of you have the knowledge would it have any effect whether or not the Exchange server has internet connection allowed? In our environment it's been blocked and because of some byrocratic walls I cannot get it allowed and tested now if it's a factor for this issue...


Sani B. 

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it works for me ! you need to check on exchange servers the AUTH certificates and if needed recreate it


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Hello Guys,

I solved this issue here. Please check out if:

- Do you use a kind of Load Balancer? 

- Has it got a single IP?

- Is it possible to close a telnet connection on the ports 443 and 444 using against Exchange URL from the the Exchange server? 

Here, we have noticed that it was not possible because to do it, the HLB (Hardware load balancer) was dropping the connection (maybe because of the connection type), In de end, it's not being manage propperly.

To fix temporaly we putted the ip of own Exchange Server replying the URL inside the hosts file. Then, OMA began to work fine.

Now, the customer must treat the of HLB issue.


Kind Regards,

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Herbert, Are you saying your workaround for getting OMA to work and connect to EWS was to bypass the load balancer similar to this TN?

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YUP, I needed to bypass the HLB to get the connection against URL port 443 established...

I have used hosts file meantime the HLB issue is not solved..

Kind Regards,



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In our environmeant I checked that exchange servers the AUTH certificates are in place and as checked in the article:  and also tried the solution to bypass HLB but neither had any effect... EV OMA still not working...

A question related to this problem:

In the manual it says:
Check whether you can load the following web page from the client computer:

Well it's not accessible. Gives error message "Office is not defined" (translated from Finnish sentence so might be something slight different for real in English error message).

Fiddler trace shows the message:

GET https://EV_SERVER/EnterpriseVault/V10.0.4.1189/OfficeMailApp/Redist/scripts/Office.js HTTP/1.1
Accept: */*
Referer: https://EV_SERVER/EnterpriseVault/OfficeMailApp.aspx
Accept-Language: fi-FI
User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/5.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; InfoPath.3)
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Connection: Keep-Alive
Cookie: ASP.NET_SessionId=vh414y45bsxjpx45h4lz0z45
Authorization: Negotiate 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

<div id="header"><h1>Server Error</h1></div>
<div id="content">
 <div class="content-container"><fieldset>
  <h2>404 - File or directory not found.</h2>
  <h3>The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.</h3>


Where is the problem - in the client or somewhere perhaps in EV server...? If it's downloading it from the EV server it's probably there but no manual says anything about installing any Office.js API stuff or JAVA separately... Do not understand this at all...


Sani B.



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Hi Herbert,

I did not understand what you meant by

"To fix temporaly we putted the ip of own Exchange Server replying the URL inside the hosts file. Then, OMA began to work fine."

Where did you do this? What do you mean by replaying the URL...


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Any updates on this?

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Hi all,

Our issue got solved with this test...

Hope this help someone with the same issues.

We have different owa addresses for internal and external use.




1. Create a DNS CNAME record to point ‘’ to ‘’

2. Flush DNS on each server

3. Then perform the testing the tools again.


The idea with the CNAME is to redirect traffic from ‘externalmail….’ To ‘internalmail…’ internally only and stop internal clients being directed outwards to the TMG. This will only work if ‘’ points to the internal CAS servers.



Sani B.

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Partner Accredited Certified

Thanks Sani, Anyone else has simillar or different experience ?

Level 5

Just go the same problem with a new install. It used to work once, juste once.

I needed to restart IIS in order to get the SSL on the EV Search site to works.


Now the trace in the Dev IE


EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.481: Office.initialize()

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.482: startSlowLoadTimer()

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.482: Determining EV language support for fr-BE

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.483: Page reload needed

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.483: getSettings()

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.483: getItemId()

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.483: EWSFindAssociatedItem.addRestriction()

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.484: EWSFindAssociatedItem.invoke()

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.484: EWSRest_EVSettings.getSoapTag()

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.484: EWSRest_DistinguishedFolderId.getSoapTag()

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.484: Making EWS call to find item with restriction : <t:IsEqualTo><t:FieldURI FieldURI="item:ItemClass" /><t:FieldURIOrConstant><t:Constant Value="IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Settings" /></t:FieldURIOrConstant></t:IsEqualTo>

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.671: EWSFindAssociatedItem.onEwsRequestComplete()

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.671: EWSFindAssociatedItem.onEwsRequestComplete() - no cancel check defined.

 EVOMA (ERROR) 15:01:30.672: logAndReportFailure: EWSFindAssociatedItem.onEwsRequestComplete ID[ERROR_EWS_ERRORRESULTSTATUS] Err[Failed to send a request to the Exchange Server]  [Result status:failed]

 EVOMA (ERROR) 15:01:30.672: initializationFailed(): Failed to send a request to the Exchange Server

 EVOMA (TRACE) 15:01:30.673: cancelSlowLoadTimer()

 EVOMA (ERROR) 15:01:30.674: displayFailure()

 EVOMA (ERROR) 15:01:30.674: displayMessage()


The other thing is that the thumprint on the AUTH looks ok.