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File System Archiving and DFS

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 Hi Folks, 

We have recently elevated our user profile root folder to a DFS name space as we needed to move the disks hosting these folders to another server. Since this EV has stoped archiving files as it tries to access the file via the DFS Name Space root folder which only really contains the target redirects for the DFS Folders - We get the event 20490

We are not using DFS Replication for the folders; the setup is simply a DFS name space with folders that re-direct to another share on another server. 

Any advice here? how do we tell the scout and agents to target the new server but and avoid duplicate displays for the users in the EV webpage? Or can we tell the agent to do the place holder work at the UNC level rather than trying to access the local disk \ folder?

the agents are installed on the new server. 


Many thanks.


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Hi there,

I believe this will not work well that way. Have a look at this document on the possible options of migration and consolidation of file servers archived by EV:

Regarding DFS support and limitations, here is an excerpt from the compatibility guide:

"Supports only the addition of physical file server paths hosting DFS shares as archiving targets. Does not support the addition of DFS Namespace as an archiving target. Supports access to placeholders from client computer using DFS virtual namespace. Archive Explorer and Browser Search display the full physical file server path and not the DFS "virtual" path. For more information, see"