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Items pending on various dates

Level 6

Hi All,

I am experiencing an issue that I have seen a few times in our environment. I documented the issue and a fix here:  but the issue has returned and the trigger file does not seem to affect it. Basically we have a pocket of dates where items are stuck pending and do not flip to fully archived, they just keep the 'clock' icon.

I have tried turning it to archive attribute for a day or 2, then back to trigger file hoping it might kickstart it a bit. It hasn't helped and I am not sure where to look or how to start the troubleshooting. In the Journal I have maybe 10 total items stuck pending from more than a month ago (when normally they move out within about 15 minutes) but in mailboxes there are days worth, several different pockets of dates.

I checked the mail ques per
all but a5 were empty, and it had about 400 messages in it.

Any thoughts? thanks much!


Level 6

In the Journal I have this occassionally and find that if I click on the items and on Cancel Operation it reverts them back to normal email and then they are reprocessed without incident.  The same will work for user mailboxes, but is more cumberson to use except on rare on-off occasions.

Level 6
Hello, I did try this in both the user mailboxes and the Journal and found that it did not effect either. Thank you for the suggestion!

Level 6
This seems like a common enough issue that someone would have ran into it. I will create a case with symantec and update this thread when I have resolution.