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Need to move an Exchange Archive after the users mailbox was moved to a different Exchange site.

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I have two Seperate Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 sites. (NAM & EMEA/APAC)

I have two Seperate Exchange 2010 Sites. (NAM & EMEA/APAC)


We had a user mailboxe moved to a seperate/second Exchange site.

The users archive/mailbox was not disabled for Archiving prior to the move on the original site.

The user was enabled for Archiving in the New Exchage site.

The user can no longer access items vaulted from his original Exchange site/archive.

I cant move the original Archive to the new Exchange site as is still enables for archiving and it thinks the user mailbox is still on the original Exchange server/site.....


I opend a ticket with support but they cant give me a solution at almost 24 hours.

I would think this would have happened before but I cant find a whitepaper to help resolve.


  • Short of disabling the mailbox for Archiving in the new site
  • moving the mailbox back to the original site
  • disable the mailbox for archiving at the original site
  • move the mailbox back to the second site
  • moving the original archive to the new site.
  • And not sure it that will work.

I know I can export the original archive to a PST but that still leaves the stub files in the existing mailbox and legal does not want anyting pulled out of the exchange environment (i understand the export to PST is just making a copy if items in the archive).

Anyone have a process to offer?

It's always something...


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You should be able to go into SQL (Directory DB) and change the status of the archive.  Then you should be able to do the move.

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Thanks WiTSend, I'll see wht my SQL DB admin can find about the vault in the DB and see if we can find the setting to change.


It's always something...

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... You can also use third party tools to move that archive.

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^^ heres comes the sales pitch lol

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Not really... Just saying that their are better options out there than Move Archive. 


I also wouldnt suggest direct db manipulation unless Veritas approve it.


you could also go the manual route, and disable in the source, export to PST, copy and import.


Im an ideas person. The fact we've got the best email archive migration product doesn't always come into it

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I started with a SQL query to find informatioon about the archive:

Mailbox name and the exchange info for that archive:


SELECT EME.MbxDisplayName "Mailbox Name",

  ESE.ExchangeComputer "Exchange Server",

       EMS.Name "Exchange Database",

       EME.AdMbxDN "AD Details",

       VSE.VaultStoreName "Vault Store"

FROM   ExchangeMailboxEntry EME,

       ExchangeMailboxStore EMS,

       ExchangeServerEntry ESE,

       Root R,

       Archive A,

       VaultStoreEntry VSE

WHERE  EME.MbxStoreIdentity = EMS.MbxStoreIdentity

  AND  EMS.ExchangeServerIdentity = ESE.ExchangeServerIdentity

  AND  EME.DefaultVaultId = R.VaultEntryId

  AND  R.RootIdentity = A.RootIdentity

  AND  A.VaultStoreEntryId = VSE.VaultStoreEntryId

ORDER BY ESE.ExchangeComputer, EMS.Name, EME.MbxDisplayName

Results were below but Column I & Column CL may be the values i need to minipulate but dont want to risk it.

ExchangeMailboxEntryId MbxIdentity LegacyMbxDN MbxDisplayName MbxAlias MbxNTUser MbxNTDomain MbxArchivingState MbxExchangeState ExchangeMbxType MbxWarningLimit MbxSendLimit MbxReceiveLimit MbxSize MbxItemCount DefaultVaultId City Company Country Department EmployeeType FirstName LastName Office State Title UseQuota LastModified EnabledPstImport PolicyEntryId PSTPolicyEntryId PolicyTargetGroupEntryId PolicyTargetMemberEntryId ADMbxDN ExchMbxGUID MbxStoreIdentity ADMbxFlags DesktopPolicyEntryId MbxSuspended MoveArchiveShortcutSubtask objectSidIdentity msExchMasterAccountSidIdentity MbxStoreIdentity ADMbxStoreDN LegacyMbxStoreDN Name ServerName ExchangeServerIdentity MasterOrAvailabilityGroup ExchangeServerEntryId SiteEntryId ExchangeComputer ExchangeServerADSPath ExchangeLegacyDN ExchangeVersion ExchangeServicePack ExchangeServerIdentity ExchangeServerFQDN ExchangeServerGCOverride OrganizationEntryId ManualAdminSecurityDesc OverrideFlags DefVaultStoreEntryId DefIndexingServiceEntryId ExchServerVersion ADExchSvrDN ExtendedConfigurationData MbxArchiveScannedUTC MbxArchiveSubmittedUTC AddedToEVUTC ExchangeServerProxyServerOverride ExchangeServerCertificatePrincipalOverride MajorVersion MinorVersion ExchangeServerAuthenticationOverride RootIdentity VaultEntryId Type ContainerRootIdentity OwningTrusteeIdentity Hidden ArchiveFolderIdentity AutoSecurityDescID ManualSecurityDescID RootIdentity VaultStoreEntryId ArchiveName ArchiveDescription ArchiveAdminNote ArchiveStatus ArchiveLimitSize ArchiveLimitOperation ArchiveLimitStatus ArchiveNotifyOperation ArchiveNotifySize DeleteExpiredItems DeleteProtected Structured ArchiveFull LocaleId IndexItemsMode ConvertedContentMode IgnoreIndexingPolicy RetainArchiveHistory HasHistory MaximumItemsInIndexVolume ReadyForIMAP EnabledForIMAP ArchiveTypeIdentity CustomIdentifier VaultStoreEntryId VaultStoreName StorageServiceEntryId VaultStoreDescription VaultStoreAdminNote DatabaseDSN BackupFlag SchemaVersion DeleteExpiredItems VaultStoreStatus VaultStoreVaultLimitSize VaultStoreVaultLimitOperation VaultStoreType CatalogueEntryId SQLServer SQLProtocol SQLDSNType DatabaseName VaultStoreVaultNotifyOperation VaultStoreVaultNotifySize NoJournalBackup VaultStoreIdentity SISBoundaryIdentity SharingLevel SharingOccured SharingHistory BackupModeRefCount CreationSchemaVersion
173BCEA4EE9C2D142B1281BA9FCCDB6F41n10000xxxev1a 413 /o=xxxxx/ou=xxxxx/cn=Recipients/cn=xxxxx.xxxxlxxxxxx xxxxxx   xxxx.xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx   1 1 1 0 0 0 2915585 74668 12DF9D67CF2C63B4980A7A6137A9E08601110000xxx1a Aventura xxxx xxxxx US;US; 6259 M&S: Americas Channel (xxxx)   xxxx xxx SSFLF xx RCM Latam 0 00:07.0 NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL CN=xxxx xxxx,OU=Domain Users,OU=xxxxx Users,DC=xxxx,DC=com 0a11e7408e0f90418de7a65b18af18dc 2 0 NULL 0 NULL NULL NULL 2 CN=xxxxxxxx,CN=Databases,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23xxxx),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=xxxxx xxxxx,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=xxxxxx,DC=com /o=xxxxxx/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23xxxx)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/ Private MDB xxxDAG1DB2 CN=xxxxRMSG1,CN=Servers,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23xxxxx),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=xxxxxxx xxxxx,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=xxxxxxx,DC=com 1 CN=xxxDAG1,CN=Database Availability Groups,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23xxxxx),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=xxxxxxxx Corporation,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=xxxxxx,DC=com 18D3E9102F9AF9542B0BF48E879DE85D61o10000xxxev1a 1ADE4AD9D70EA5F47B485252D0E0510D81d10000xxxev1a xxxxMSG1   /o=xxxx/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23xxxxxx)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=xxxMSG1 3 0 1     171F01D331A6A2441AA12C3607CB683911011e00xxxev1a NULL 0 NULL NULL Version 14.3 (Build 30123.4) CN=xxxMSG1,CN=Servers,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23xxxxxx),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=xxxxxx xxxx,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=xxxxx,DC=com NULL 18:23.0 18:34.3 58:45.0 NULL NULL 14 3 1 24075 12DF9D67CF2C63B4980A7A6137A9E08601110000xxxev1a 9 NULL 495 NULL 1647 723 NULL 24075 1BDD36A644697894E8C8538A6E59099431210000xxxev1a xxxxxxx xxxxxx Default for xxxxxx xxxxxx   1 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 NULL 0 0 0 32 0 NULL NULL NULL 2 NULL 1BDD36A644697894E8C8538A6E59099431210000xxxxev1a Email Arch Ptn01 Q3 2012 166903EB24FF33E43AA64D9C4BEBE3EC01e10000xxxev1a Email Archive Data xxxxxxx Site 2 for Q3 2012   EVVSEmailArchPtn01Q32012_1 2 1 0 0 2 0 TCP/IP 0 EVVSEmailArchPtn01Q32012_1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0