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Number of Awaiting Backup items in Usage.Asp web still going up - Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP1

Level 4

  We're runnning Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP1, I'm confused how does the "Awaiting Backup" items in the EV web usage report works? I know that the number in this column should always be "0" (zero). I was advised to restart all the EV services daily before the scheduled archive process runs, they say that this is the best practice. I did restart the EVservices but still the number of awaiting backup items is going larger and larger. I've already set the value on the "ignore backup"  to "true" in the SQL Server tables. This will trick the process to supposedly archive the archive the e-mails in the Domino mailbox right away. What shoulld I do? Comment and suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks

Level 2
Could you elaborate on the Storage devices that you have. If the Archive Bit is not supported then we might need to trigger the clearing of archive bit. Restarting the services is a good practise, yes.

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You will still need to either of the following:-

1. Backup the Vault store partitions, clearing the archive bit - then restart the Storage Service.


2. Use the IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger file - details can be found here - or this one

Level 4
Hi Kaushal Suthar, can you be more specific with Storage device? The same server serves as the storage for the archived items (32-bit). Do you need further information? Thanks.

Level 4
I would not recommend changing the Ignore Backup Value to true in SQL as we are also securing SIS Parts for the Fingerprint Database this could put you in a potential dataloss scenario.

I would suggest checking why your backup is failing to reset the archive bit if it is the archive bit you are using or why a trigger file is not being created.

Also what procedures are you using to switch EV in and out Backup Mode i.e. Read only and Normal mode.

Powershell \ Registry Keys?

Level 4
Hi EVNoodles,

 I was asked to change the Ignore Value in SQL into "true". The issue we're dealing now is that one of the Domino user accounts couldn't successfully trigger manual e-mail achive.  We've used both Report and Normal modes. Thanks!