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Resolved! EV server hardware change with no CName

Hi, Client has EV server installed with no CName and needs to move server to new hardware. ComputerName = ComputerNameAlternate = EVserver Trying to find out options: Server move technote at

Fremont by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 10.0.4 FSA Weird Indexing Issue

Hi Experts,   Need assistance on some weird issue on Indexing I'm having with the EV FSA I'm working on. Basically, I moved the Index Location from one disk (10TB) to another (5TB) on the same server. The 10TB disk (e.g. the name of the disk is vo...

Resolved! OWA: Integration of exchange 2013 cas into exchange 2010 environment

Hello together, I hope someone of you already had this situation and is able to answer my questions. Which steps are necessary to get a working OWA integration of ev in an environment with the coexistence of exchange 2010 (mbx) and 2013 (cas).  Ou...

Marcde by Moderator
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Enterprise Vault Expired Mail Items Curiosity

Our site properties base expiry on Modified Date. Our site retention policy is 7 years If i view a users archive through archive explorer, the oldest item in the vault is from march 2009 (we archive after 15 days), so all seems well. However in th...

wibski by Level 2
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Resolved! Journal items - 3071 - Do Not Archive

Hello all, Running EV11.0.1 CHF3, 12 EV servers, Exchange 2013. Only performing Journal Archiving. We have many Journal Mailboxes which contain a backlog of several million of items. These Journal Mailboxes are static (i.e. no new additions), but n...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Scheduled PST migration with automatic mailbox association

Hi there, we got a big bunch of PST files to migrate, but we are searching for the weapon of choice (of the inbuilt tools). I already found this very good overview from Rob.Wilcox

woelki by Level 4
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RSA support with Enterprisevault

Hi All, I wanted to know the compatibility of RSA authentication with Enterprise Vault and are there any risks are associated with implementing RSA with Enterprise Vault.    Regards, Carl

Enterprise vault Files Scanning

Dear Sir, I have Enterprise Vault Server edition 10.0.4 used just for mail archiving, i have an issue with our implemented antivirus system when i initiate a scanning job it returns an error jobs that the files need to be scanned are locked, my conc...

Resolved! EV11 Journal Search\Restore

Hi all, Not sure ill get a solution to this one but i feel it’s worth talking about and I’m sure others find themselves in the same boat as me. Since they brought in EV11 the journal Restore process is a complete PITA. Before 11 you could search t...

Resolved! Centralized EV, Exchange Servers in deferent sites

Hi All, I have exchange servers in deferent sites, connection between sites is 1MB can I have a Centralized EV Server for all My Exchange servers, if yes does 1MB is enough for Data archiving, if not what is the minimum required   BR,

EV Journal Archiving Task Not Clearing all Messages

Hello, I have two customers, one with EV 8.0.1 and one with EV 11.0.1. At both custoers the Journal Archiving task is chugging along but in both cases there are thousands of times that are not being cleared from the journal mailbox. I have run a t...