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OWA preview pane is blank

Level 3
Hi all,

When I try to access the archived item via OWA the preview pane is blank. Although, I customized the preview pane for archived items. I can the the whole e-mail when I double-click the item in OWA.

PS: We use ISA 2000 for frontend (no frontend Exchange Servers). ISA redirects the URL to the backend exchange server.

Thanks, regards

Koray Ersin

Level 4
Try putting the EV server in the Local Intranet Sites. Use the fqdn http://evserver.domain.local and a wildcard for the domain http://*.domain.local. I have noticed a lot of problems with internal redirects w/ ISA and EV. If this works, you can push these settings out through the desktop mailbox archiving policy in EV. Goto EV Admin then to Policies - Exchange - Mailbox - Default Mailbox goto properties - Advanced - Select Desktop from drop down and then change the local intranet setting.

Level 3
Unfortunately, it didn't work :(

Level 3
Do you solve the problem?
We faced the same problem as you.