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Order for Deleting FSA target and vault question

Level 3
Hello, new to EV and first post

I having been testing EV8 and wondering what the order or steps are to cleanly delete FSA targets, volumes and folders and their associated vault(s)

Within EV would I delete the folder, then volume then target  or just the target and vault?

The reason I ask is I thought I read that if it isn't done correctly I would have to delete from SQL to completely remove
(I may be wrong on this though and making more of it than I should)

So far I haven't come across much on removing FSA targets/vaults

Any advice appreciated.

Thank you


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Hello Blue turtle,

The process of removal is very simple, you have to do in the reverse order than you did to deploy (remove the folder previously and than the volume).

Probably you'll receive a warning stating you need to stop the FSA Task. Don't worry.

If you want to move the archived items back from ev to the file server you need to use the FSA Utility.

Did you tried the solution in a production environment? It's not recommended

Level 3
Thank you Sergio

Reverse order, got it

Still testing so up to this point I am fine with just deleting the test archive and data
but for production I will remember the FSA utility because that scenario will definately come up

I am unclear about your last sentence however, what regarding a production environment is not recommended?

and is there maintenance needed to remove archive points or do they also delete through the process above when the archive is deleted?

Thank you again