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PST Migration Wizard ignores Mailbox Policy

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was there any change between EV11 and EV 12 in how the PST Migration Wizard (Server side manual import) handles the creation of shortcuts?

We need to import some PST Files with old and recent mails into newly created mailboxes/archives.
The assigned mailbox policy is set up to "based on age: 1 year". 

After the import, ALL the emails, even items that are too young are archived.
Is this behaviour expected? In EV 11 the settings from the mailbox policy where used. 

We are now on EV 12.3.2 on W2016.

Is there any other way to import the PST files and only archive the emails eligible for archiving?



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if you are planning to move archive data.

Export them to pst, like everything older 1 year >PST

Everything newer then 1 year directly to the mailserver.

It is an expected behaviour. This way is normally used to export/import archive data.


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Hello cconsult,

we want to import PST files for newly created users (migration from a different company to our company).

The PST file contains the whole usermailbox as exported from the other exchange. We want to import them to EV but we need the mailbox policy (only archiv older 1year) to apply during the import.

In Ev11 this worked just fine. Import a PST into a new archive, everything older than 1 year was archived, the rest was moved "as is" to the mailbox. 

Isnt that working anymore in EV12?



You write "We want to import them to EV but we need the mailbox policy (only archiv older 1year) to apply during the import." And you claim that this is how EV 11 used to work.

I have never known EV's import wizard to work this way. It does not apply age rules to the content of the PST that you import. The mailbox policy does not influence it at all.

There is a PST Migration Policy that can make the wizard skip certain message classes, and there is an option that can make it so we only create shortcuts for items of a certain age (PST Migration Policy > Shortcut Creation tab > Restrict Shortcuts by age), but everything in the PST goes into the archive, regardless of age.

CConsult's approach is the correct one. Segregate the items by age before you import them. Another alternative, if you have the space in Exchange, is to dump the full PST contents to the mailbox and let the Mailbox Archiving Task, which of course does obey the Mailbox Policy's age rules, archive the items older than one year.