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Provisioning group members

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Hello everybody,

WE are using EV 12.4.2 for exchange.

My uestion is

How can I get a list of all the members of a provisioning group in Powershell ?

My problem is following I should create a personal folder in each mailbox with a do not archive setting.

BUT I have more than 60.000 Mailboxes ( test,rooms,....) and to run the EVPM srcipt is a bit of a challenge . So we thought at doing it for each provisioning group and just the "delta" of it ( so just the new mailboxes) but for that I have to be able to register the members of a provisioning group.

If you also have a better idea on how to do it , I'm open the all proposals.

Thank you for the help.



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Hello Sandrine,

In EVPM you can define to use Provisioning Group as target:

Lets you select mailboxes that have been provisioned by a specific
provisioning target group.
For example, to select all the mailboxes that have been provisioned by a group
called “VIPs”:

You can also use an LDAP query. It might be possible to use LDAP to select 'user accounts created after x date", not sure on that :)

Regards. Gertjan

Thank you Gertjan,

I try to do it via the mailbox creation date in AD as my provisioning group is whole exchange organisation.


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you could probably also query it with sql. But I would have to double check it.

Or depending on how many archiving tasks you have, you could copy the archiving reports to excel and sort them. I would only use it if you want to do this one time and not regulary.