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Public Folder Archiving - Auto Enabler

We are soon to start archiving our Public Folders.

We ahve 7 divisions that each have their own set of folders under the root. In total we have about 20k folders. My question for those who have done this, did you use the "Auto Enabler" function or not? Is anyone aware of any best practice as to enabling that feature or not?

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Public Folder Archiving - Auto Enabler

With lots of folders you can save some work using the auto-enabler. Auto-enabler automatically enables folders that are immediately beneath the folder you specify. These folders and their subfolders are all enabled for archiving.

A separate archive is automatically created for each folder at this level. If new folders are added later, they are automatically archived too.

For example, if you add an auto-enabler to \myPublic Folder, new archives are created for \myPublic Folder\Finance and \myPublic Folder\Property. No archive is created for \myPublic Folder\Property\Commercial because that folder uses the same archive as its parent (\myPublic Folder\Property).