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Retroactively Changing Retention and deleting expired items

Level 1


Running EV 11.0.1. I have to deal with a situation where storage is getting filled up and the company wants to remove a lot of the oldest archived items (specfics yet to be determined). All Provisioning Groups are linked to a retention category "Business" that is set to hold items forever (from what I've been told, this was how Enteprise Vault was setup originally so all items should have been archived with that retention category tag). Now, I know that custom retention categories can have their retention period modified and this will enforce retroactively, correct? So, if I change if from "Forever" to 7 years, archived items older than 7 years become expired and eligible for deletion?

The problem is that we need to audit the data first and decide what is a good retention period, so as not to delete too much. I know I can run the expiry report and check the number of items eligible for deletion (as described here: but is there a more detailed report that can assess how much actual space/how many users/etc. will be processed?

Second, once the changes to the retention categories are implemented and the reports ran, these will need to be assessed, which will take a week. The problem is that the Vault Site has a scheduled Storage Expiry every weekend. I attempted to set it to "Never" run but VAC throws off an error that "PST Holding Folder location is not available or not configured" and reverts back to the schedule. Isn't the PST Holding Folder used for PST migrations? Do I need to set it up before I can set the Storage Expiry to never run?

The reason for this is we want to avoid a scheduled expiry task running over the weekend and deleting anything before we've fine tuned and decided what the best retention period to put in place.

Sorry for the long post, would appreciate advice on this?


Level 6

Set you retention category to 7 years (or whatever) run the report in report mode, once it is completed revert the retention category back to it's original settings.

You can also just set a PST holding folder, it won't hurt anything.

There are no additonal "in the box" reports, you'd have to craft a SQL query to pull the additional data.