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Some users getting Symantec EV Error GetOnlineAttachmentFileSize 0X800710DD EV11sp1

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Morning folks.

We have a bit of an unusual situation. We still use EV as an historical mail storage solution, but do not send any more items to the vault and the tasks no longer run.

We have upgraded exchange to an EX2013 DAG (from 2007)

We tested user access to their archives from their migrated mailboxes and there were no issues.

The new exchange servers have not been added to the vault site.

However, since we have decommed the old exchange servers (that were registed in the vault site) some users are unablr to open some vaulted mail.

The long term plan is to off site archives with office 365 so we will, at some point, ingest archives back into exchange archives, to do this I suppose we will have to add all the DAG servers into EV?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Hi mate,

AFAIK, the behavior is expected if the mailboxes have been migrated to new Exchange 2013 servers and they are not added as targets in VAC.

From my experience, you have the following options in this scenario:

1. Add the new Exchange servers as targets in EV (no need to run the archiving if you don't want to)

2. Else, users could access the archived emails via EV Search


Hi thanks for the update.

I ran a search from vault browser for the items and it looks like the user has stubs to items that do not exist/have been deleted/different location.

So not a great deal we can do about that.




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You can delete the orphaned shortcuts but for this you will have to first configure the new Exchange servers where the users belong in EV.

Orphaned shortcuts overview:


Ok, an update.

As the vault service account, I can log into archive explorer and view the archived mail.

As the user, I get the error.

So have these archives somehow become disassociated with the original mailbox?

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are the items moved or deleted? Did the retention time pass?

i think they must have been moved


looks to me like the stub has lost the link to the archive?


but i can access the archive when logged in as the user's mailbox on the vault server, if that makes sense!