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Storage Queue very old items in queue

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EV 11.0.1 on W2K8 R2;

Short description: the Storage Queue has items that are more than 5 months old and are never deleted. so how can I clean that queue? The message/event Id is 29057:

"A problem was encountered while trying to process a saveset in the storage queue, but it appears that the problem may be recoverable. The saveset will be requeued and another attempt will be made to process it later. Details: 0x8004011b"

Cf. attachment for full message.

And then the savesets are requeued forever, and clog up the Queue. The oldest item is from September last year!

I do have to mention that it's possible there was data corruption on the storage.

Now is there a way to clean that up somehow? I haven't found any article about that particular error scenario, and I do know that one shouldn't delete anything manually as the savesets are probably not secured.

Any takers?




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Dumb question but have you already seen this tech note?

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yes I did, and it doesn't seem to fit.

And the referenced article in the tech note (Note: For more information see the following article: does not exist any more...