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The search may take a long time.

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Is there anyway to disable this box from popping up every we do a search?




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Hi there,

Not sure about that, but have you had a look on this article?


This popup shows when certain criteria are met that make it likely the search will take a long time. I cannot find any documentation indicating that these criteria are meant to be adjusted, but here are the default values:

Threshold for Low Document Count = 1000000
Threshold for High Document Count = 10000000
Max Indexes For Low Document Count = 50
Max Indexes For Medium Document Count = 10
Max Indexes For High Document Count = 1

So we are going to flag the search as slow (and thus trigger the popup) if it is searching more than 1 very large index, more than 10 medium indexes, or more than 50 small indexes, with large, medium, and small defined by the document count thresholds stated.

If this is happening on reasonably sized mailbox archives, open a support case and we'll try to sort out why. If it's happening on a gigantic journal archive with many, many index volumes, then it's basically expected, and that's a good indication you're beyond the intended use case of the end-user-focused EV Search and should be looking at more robust search client options, such as Discovery Accelerator or the Enterprise Vault Search API.



Thank you all for your answers!!