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Urgent... Can running mailbox archiving task create logs on exchange server?

Level 4
I am experiencing lot of logs been created on the exchange 2003 server after running mailbox archiving task for lots of users.
EV ver. 7.0,sp1
Is this because of EV running mailbox archiving task?

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
In the archiving run we will be making changes in users mailboxes and so Yes there will be transaction log activity. When you say logs are being created can you please tell me how many logs are created. Also how many users do you have

Level 4
Thanks Paul,
My customer has enabled over 500 users to be archived at once. Now it seems like archiving task is running fine but it is also creating tons of MDBlogs on exchange server.

Level 6
why is this a problem?  Nightly backup clears the logs.....
if I was you I'd worry more about your whitespace (check for event 1221).  Exchange can be notoriously bad at reclaiming whitespace.

Level 4
Thanks David.
I have solved this. The problem was that my cumtomer had enabled too many users and changed policy that started moving a lot of data. They didn't have enough disk space for exchange log files and moving data from exchange created lots of logs...
I stopped services, cleared the queue, changed policy and then restarted services and also rescheduled the archiving tasks. This cleared everything and now everythings the way it should be.

Message Edited by Bobby on 06-18-200705:55 AM