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is it correct that Enterprise Vault.version 6.0 with SP4 can deal with exchange2007 mailboxes.

Resolved! Shortcuts

Hello Is there any way to restore a shortcut once it have been deleted ? Many thanks   Pat

Resolved! Sortcut Deletion

Hi We are running EV6 SP2 - we have our site settings set to delete our shortcuts after 12 months - this is fine for 99.9% of our users, however, we have a small group of very important users who wish to keep their shortcuts for a period of two years...

EV 7.0 with VMWare

Has anyone run EV 7 on a VMWare session? If you have, can you please share your experience and what a good configuration (specs) we should use? We are thinking about placing the EV on one VM Session and SQL on another VM Session.

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Issues with File Archiving

Spending most of my day at a customer setting up Enterprise Vault, I came across something I have not seen before. We have installed the placeholder service on their fileservers and run the FSA cluster wizard, then added the fileserver cluster as the...

Audit Database Maint.

Hey all, I'm only using the auditing database for tracking of deletions. Our tape backups only go back 2 months, so I'd like to be able to only track 2 months worth of deletes in the database, so that I can keep the size down. Does anyone know of a w...

Enabling\Configuring Auditing

Hi All, I've enabled & configured EV auditing as per the Administrator's Guide. No tables or views have been created in the EnterpriseVaultAudit database. I've enabled view, opened some archived items but still no record of this in the database. I've...

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Archived messages and Exchange Cached Mode

Hey all,I have a user with about 10 2 GB PSTs.  I was going to use the PST Migrator to create a folder under their mailbox and have the Migrator import all of that mail.  But I was wondering ... Since it's company policy to have Cached Mode turned on...

Setup and archive Rollout help

ev7 sp1/exchange 2003/outlook2003 Were in the process of getting ready to start to roll out archives to users.  However, we still have a few questions.  Our setup has taken us down the route of targeting a specific folder for users rather than going ...

Archiving Attributes

Hi all,Using EV 7.0 SP1, can I create additional attibutes to be added to the archived Item and the user can search with these attributes.i.e I can add an e-mail type, the user can type when archiving his e-mails  

EV 6.0 SP3 and SQL on the same box

Howdy all, we're in the process of transitioning the EV server to another location. Just wondering if there are any objections to installing EV and SQL on the same physical server?

Resolved! MMC has detected an error in the snap-in

when i open up EV console i get an error message that says "MMC has detected an error in the snap-in, it is recommended you shutdown and restart the MMC".I can select continue and it will go away but my client would like this resolved, any ideas?ev6 ...

IMLOGIC question

How or where can i configure "chinese wall" for IMLOGIC? Meaning to allow certain groups of users to see each other only - so that other cannot see them.Understand Facetime can be done, but not sure where can i configure this feature for IMlogic. rgd...

Is there a way to delete a site ?

There are 2 EV 7.0 sites with one server each. I want to remove the second site (no matter why). I have remove all the services and the computer itself from the second site but there is no option to completely remove the EV site. Beside going to the ...

Error to recover files - event id:24491

Hi people I did a lab before a migration that I need to do on the production enviromment. In this lab (Vmware) the actual server file is a W3K SP1 and the new file server is a W3k R2. After I did the migration (I transfered a vitual Hd from the Old t...

Martins by Level 3
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EV server IIS permissions help needed

I messed up my permission settings for IISv6.0 Default Website (Right clicking on default website in IIS and permissions) in EV server. I'd like to know what are the permission settings for each user in the default website.(IUSR_servername, IIS_wpg, ...

Shezad by Level 3
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