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PST Import & DA wrong date

Hello. - Enterprise Vault 2007 Server 2003 I just did an import PST file to Archive and  I can import into the user archive successfully, but when i am trying to view the archive item Discovery Accelerator shows the Date when the PST file was impo...

Josamito by Level 3
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Failing Mailbox Task

Hi All, Our mailbox task fails more or less on start. The error in the event log is: "Faulting application ArchiveTask.EXE, version, faulting module msvcr80.dll, version 8.0.50727.3053, fault address 0x0000e7a2." I found a similar ...

EV Outlook Add-in Network traffic

We have been monitoring outlook performance since installing Enterprise Vault add-in and notice extra network activity. When a HTML message is opened or viewed in the preview pane we have noticed that the EV client queries all HTTP addresses from th...

ukrort by Level 2
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Entreprise Vault 9 Compatibility List

Hello All, CAn anyone please tell me when the Enterprise Vault 9 Compatibility Table will be finalised - the think I am looking for is a definative answer as to whether the combination of Enterprise Vault 9, Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2003 on the Cli...

Strange Client Behaviour

Morning All, We are a prdominately Office 2003 site but we have upgraded a small number of PC to Office 2007 - on the server we are using Enterprise Vault 8 SP3 for mailbox archiving.. Strange problem here - the PC's that have Office 2007 (SP2) ins...

Resolved! EV Stress Testing

All - Our performance testing team would like us to stress test EV. On the backend archiving @ night, they are satisfied with the published archiving rates. Though, they wanted to stress test 2000+ users using "Archive Explorer" and retrieving "Sho...

evinfo by Level 4
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Resolved! Disparity in disk space occupied statistics...

EV 2007 7.5 SP3 This is probably 'an "ol' chestnut" but I have to enquire: Our environment doesn't permit me to setup EV Reporting, due to some potential performance problems we might encounter with our SQL servers. I am therefore obliged to us...

Email Archive 8.0 SP4

What is the trigger date that determines when an email is archived when it is either restored from the archive back to the users inbox, or copied/moved back to the inbox from the archive.   It appears that the modified date will change to the current...

Resolved! Exchange 2010

We are planning to deploy Exchange 2010 and enetrprise vault version 9.0 will be released soon. My question is can we start deploying Exchange 2010 and not move any mailboxes. Will Exchange 2010 schema extensions affect Enterprise vault in any way? ...

Resolved! Manual Archive/restore - HTTP request error: 314 (503)

Hi All, First post for a while.. Recently migrated from one EV 8 sp4 server to another (W2K3x86 > W2K8x64), re-juggling the vault store location and indexing path and I've hit on a problem manually archiving/retoring items. It may be indica...

NJC by Level 3
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NBU Agent for EV - Very Useful Info

Sometimes a technote is worth discovering…..sometimes it’s worth sharing far and wide…’s a great one for you to put in your favourites.   This is a great point of reference if you are trying to configure the EV NBU agent……hope you find it usefu...

Glenn_Martin by Level 6
Employee Accredited
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Resolved! Page not found when opening a document

Hello all, I am trying to open the document as referenced by  I'm getting a screen stating the below Document: 355551 has been migrated to the our new knowledge management and search solution feat...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! auditviewer.exe

Just installed EV 8.0.  I have setup a few mailboxes for archving and PST migrations, things appear to working fine.  I am running through day to day activities, reporting, utiliites to see what I can do. I started up auditviewer.exe and receive th...

EV traffic and BITS

Am I right in thinking that EV uses the BITS (http port 80) protocol and if so for which traffic (eg syncronising vault cache or copying PST for migration)? The reason I ask is that we have a GPO in place that throttles BITS for WSUS/Windows Update...

Upgrade from EV7.5 to EV8.4

Following our EV upgrade, we found that all the mailboxes enabled for archiving within our organisation, reverted to disabled. Only new starters were showing as enabled. The actual upgrade went in quite smoothly, with no issues. It was only when we...

Pending archive items since upgrade to EV8.4

While we upgraded from v7.5 to 8.4, out archiving was in read-only mode. During this period, some of our users tried to manually archive random emails. When archiving was put back into normal mode, emails being archived since are fine. However, the o...

What IOPS EV creates per user in Exchange

Hello, We are in the phase of planning a new environment and before ordering the hardware i would like to consider the IOPS which EV creates per user in Exchange server. I know it will be different in different time, for example the IOPS would b...

Ameen by Level 6
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Retrieving Item from Archive takes a long time

Hi, EV version: EV 8 SP4 Client : Outlook 2003 SP3 Virtual Vault is enabled. Users are not able to retrieve items faster. It sometimes takes 5-10 minutes to retrieve an item. Tried rebuilding the index, didnt help. Has anyone got similar issues? an...

Thiyagu by Level 3
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