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Resolved! Vault Cache authentication problem

New EV 8.0 setup on Windows 2003 SP2 server. Exchange 2007 with RPC/HTTP enabledDefault Desktop Policy is set to Automatically enable Vault Cache. Everything including Offline Cache is working well, except the users are prompted; "Enterprise Vault ne...

EV V8 on Windows 2008 x64 cluster

Hi, Maybe this is a generic question, but nevertheless. There are different statements of Microsoft on support of 32-bits applications in a 64-bits Windows cluster.In addition, the Compatibility Guide of January 2009 indicates that EV V8 is supported...

Domino Cluster Name

Hi there, we have EV (7.5) for our clustered Domino (7.02) mail servers can anyone tell me if when EV retrieves an archived message it retrieves using the cluster name of those servers or the individual server name? Thanks

Resolved! OWA anon user

Is there a document detailing how to setup the OWA Anonymous user.  The instructions say to copy one that already exists but it says it needs to be a domain account and i do not have one that i can copy from.   Looking for something detailing the sec...

Resolved! Modified vs. Archived date

I am implementing EV 8 and would like to know the difference between modified date vs. archived date.  If i choose modified date, will the retention policy pick up on its actual date and get rid of the message from the archive.  For instance, if I ad...

Resolved! Closing old and creating new mailbox partitions...

Hi, Is anyone able to provide documentation for the standard process of closing an old mailbox partition and creating a new one? I have looked on the knowledge base and the Administrator Guide but unable to find it. Cheers in advance. 

RSnooks by Level 4
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Resolved! Only 1 out of 2 Exchange instance is archiving mail

Hi, we have a Microsoft Exchange cluster (MS clustering, 2 nodes only) where we introduced EV on last year. We only had 1 Exchange (81) instance at that time. Archiving was no problem, all activated mailboxes were archived, no matter on which node it...

Paultje by Level 3
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EV8 upgrade errors and problems

I did the upgrade yesterday and everything seems to be working because I can access the data as usual. However I am seeing a lot of warnings and erros in my event log and I have a problem with my discovery accelerator. 1. I am getting error 2776 and ...

Encentuate AccessAgent and Enterprise Vault integration

Hi All, We are trying to set up OWA EV to work with this two factor authentication s/w(based on OTP authentication.) this also installs some asp files for OWA. However after installing the OWA extentions script this breaks the OWA logon. It keeps bou...

Merv by Level 6
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Enterprise Vault 8 - Unable to enable mailbox

I am currently getting the following error inside the enable mailbox wizard; "An error occoured enabling the mailbox 'user's mailbox name'. The Enterprise vault service account mailbox work, but nothing since has. This is a new installation of EV8, r...

Resolved! Content Filtering

Looking for some help on content filtering.  What I'd like to do is archive all multi-media files (mp3, wav, mpeg, etc.) according to a certain retention category so that they expire much sooner than normal business records. I've got the registry key...

Storage Service

Hi, Does anyone know why I can't change the storage service for a particular store? I have added a new vault server and would like to change the Journaling store to use this, however without editing the SQL table I can't do this. Obviously the workar...

Unified Search?

I am deploying EV 7.5 with a single Exchange 2003 server. Lots of PST files as well as the regular mailboxes to archive. We have chosen to leave the message text behind with the shortcut. Regarding search, what is the best way to provide a unified se...