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Best Practices - Keyword Searching

Hello Veritas Community, Wondering how other users of Enterprise Vault minimize noise (false positives) with keyword searching for email compliance. Switching from random sampling to keyword searching and finding much more noise with this methodology...

Vault folder structure view

HiThe original problem started with a shared mailbox where it's vault folder structure (via Search Vaults) could not be viewed, but the team members could search for the mail items (access is controlled by a security group). Then i noticed some old N...

Reimport journaling emails from M365 after incident

Hello,We had an issue with our EV Infrastructure for a few days, and now we have emails stuck in the "JRN_Errors" mailbox on M365.Is there a way to reimport those emails in EV Journaling ? Throught PST process or something else ?Thank you

Lenny1 by Level 0
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Enterprise Vault many 6578 event errors

Hi  GuysBy the method of this link , I will email archiving, now found that I have a lot of mistakes, the event log collect...

the Vault Cache Diagnostics page is not shown result

After upgrading to version 14.1.2 our the "Vault Cache Diagnostics" page does not show any entry.I check SQL database and there are 18000 entriesselect * from ClientVCDiagnostics order by LogDate I checked this Viewing the Vault Cache Diagnostics pag...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Discovery Accelerator exports.... .msg vs .eml

I'm working with EV 12.5.3 and Discovery Accelerator 12 doing some searches for our legal department.  I'm having problems with the resulting PST files that I am exporting from DA.  Some of the messages in the resulting PST cannot be opened in the Ou...

Housekeeping for index drive for EV email archive server

Hi, Since index drive out of space in EV email archive server and purchase new disk under processing.We have some ev users already resigned and their index under index drive (eg: D:\EV Indexing\Index1\index5\xx1_4375)May i know how can remove those f...

Y1251 by Level 4
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Resolved! Delete Private Queue Created Windows 2019 Cluster MSMQ Resource

Hi, I'm using Enterprise Vault(EV) 14.1. EV uses MSMQ for archiving tasks, we discontinue an Exchange server and now I need to manually delete Msmq private Queue that was used to archive our old server. we recently move EV to a new cluster (Windows 2...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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"Finer permissions" for enterprise vault SA account

Hi all,we need specify what exactly permissions we need for EV account if:1. We start recall on Sharepoint and we cannot  use sysadmin (security reason)  role for SHP databases. 2. We use shared SQL server (also for EV) and we need to set least-permi...

PetrHanz by Level 4
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