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eVault 8.x, Tivoli Storage Manager and Index backup strategy

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Hi all, hopefully someone can share some insight into backup methodology for eVault Indexes.

I tried looking at the best practices guides but couldn't find anything concrete to answer my question.

I'm doing some AIX and Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) consulting for a company and have no previous experience with eVault.

The environment contains a couple of eVault 8.x servers and currently the archives are using an Incremental forever strategy.

The Indexes however are currently running a nightly FULL backup which even using Lanfree is taking an extremely long time.


As far as I'm concerned the choice of backup solution is really secondary to my concern.

What backup strategy are others using for the Indexes?  Daily Incremental? Weekly Full? Other?


Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.




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Most of environments are configured with full (weekly) & increament (daily) machenism, But it's completely your decision.

Please check if following tech note helps.

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As per mentioned by EV-Counselor it's complete your decision for you environment.

From DVS file backup point of view unless those files are full backup and A attribute is removed , EV will not consider that file is backedup and will not reduce the Backup complete count.

Hence it is require to ru Full backup for DVS file location / Vault Store Partition.


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Can't you configure volume snapshots in TSM?

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On top of my head, I remember some kind of setting with Backup application which will allow you to fast backup quantity of small files. As indexng locations have large number of small files, you can check different options available with Backup application which can speed up the backup process. The backup strategy can be implemented as per your needs, each type of backup strategy has pros and cons.

I hope this helps..