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new exchange 2010 with no more EV

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OK, here is the situation...

We're running EV version 6.5 and vaulting exchange 2003 mailboxes.  My organization wants to move forward with deploying Exchange 2010 mail servers before Exchange 2010 is supported by Enterprise Vault.  So my question is we have fully vaulted 2003 exchange mailboxes, and if we setup exchange 2010 mail servers and move users mailboxes (not all just a larger test group) to the new Exchange 2010 servers what happens to the vaulted mail ?  Is it just as simple as they just no longer get anything new vaulted and have to access their old vaulted email through the web interface?  Can someone please explain in greater detail...

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Hello Jane,

As far as I know, as long as you keep the EV-client on the clientmachines, they will be able to retrieve archived mail, and use AE and Search Safe.
I strongly recommend starting to upgrade EV. As soon as EV9 is available (which might be sooner than you think Q2 2010) you will have to go to that release for Exchange 2010 support. You better be prepared (as in be on the correct version)

Coming from 6.5, you're facing an upgrade to 7.0, 7.5, then 8.0

I do not know your environment, but this should be done asap.

As EV6.5 will not be able to archive from E2010, nothing more will be archived. You should consider disabling for archiving the test group users you plan to move to 2010, probably zap the mailboxes too.

I do recommend a call to support.

Regards. Gertjan

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I suspected we would be able to use AE to search .

As far as the upgrade are right and I know we need to upgrade asap.  Unfortunately, it is not in my control at this time.  The original plan is to stand up a new EV9 environment and then use a third party tool from symantec to migrate the existing archives into. 

Thanks for your response :)