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How has Symantec Certification helped you?

The Symantec Certification Team is interested in knowing how the Certification Program has helped you.  For example, are your more productive and skilled at work?  Did it help distinguish you from other peers to get a job, a bonus, or advance your career?  Tell us your story and help us improve the program.


Thank you,


The Symantec Certification Team

12 Replies

This certification gives me

This certification gives me more confident. The questions are very high quality so its help me a lot.

I will definately post a good

I will definately post a good article on the same. However, I felt the process of getting the same is too complicatied.

It is good

Thanks for the article, its good because its help me mot.

Its great. I am trying for

Its great. I am trying for some another product certicication also.

how to get it?

how to get it certification???

Certification is just like a

Certification is just like a medal on a Major's Shoulder. It is a proof of Concept for u. It says that we have knowldge upon it.
Jobs hardly requires a certificate, what is need is the knowldge upon the product.


Check out...

We all know this link, whats

We all know this link, whats ur idea behind it? Its not clear to me

If you look at what my post was a reply to...

...marvs_022 did not appear to "know this link". It was merely a gentle pointer in the right direction.


My certification has helped me to more fully understand the product.  I was certified as a Data Protection Specialist and as a Data Protection Designer and then a Symantec Technical Specialist. 

All gave me a more robust understanding of the product.  Filled in the gaps so to speak.  It definately made me more productive design and delivery of the product but thats not what I do anymore.  I now support the product. 

I Although the certification

I Although the certification is not required ... I want to be certified... for confidence in the craft...
After the Symantec Technical Specialist certification... is there another level after that?
is there a ladderized certification on Symantec AV/AS just like Cisco does?

hey its a very useful

hey its a very useful certification and helped me a lot!