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In veritas cluster volumes file system changes from NTFS to RAW, after failback to production node

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In veritas cluster volumes files system changing from ntfs to raw, after failback to production node. Also when we do a rescan the drives stop on nodes. Any suggestion on how to fix this issue. Facing this issue on multiple nodes of vcs cluster infoscale 7.4.1.



VCS failover would not in anyway resulting in a file system type change as the file system type is metadate and once a file system is created, it will never change till file a system recratation. 

Your issue is likely related to the storage devices used hosting the volumes/file systems

You should be able to find some useful info in the vcs engine log.  you should see errors like "device not found", "mount error", "SCSI error". 


To troubleshoot the issue, you can stop VCS and manually import the dg, start up the volumes and mount the file systems.  If you are unable to start up the resources outside VCS, then its not likely an issue with VCS